Renewal -

Alexey Mikheyev
(fantastic-Utopian novel?)

Privileges of life and death are undisputed human privileges
(authors personal opinion)

Part one
Experiments on people

The year 3016. It seemed like the war broke out between people supporting the Renewal conception and the henchmen of the Old Order. Disagreements appeared thanks to a polar attitude to the fact of a secret arranging by a group of scientists of the supercomputer, which had possibilities to change the world forever. The achievements of science and technics allowed these people to set completely this giant computer, which was called the Rock because of its appearance it reminded a huge piece of stone, somewhere in the sands of the Rub Al Hali desert, just during a couple of years. When all the work was done, the scientists announced to the entire world that they had created the supercomputer. As scientists planned, this computer which uses the most modern artificial intelligence, works by changing mental orders into corresponding changes of the surrounding reality. The scientists considered the purposes of creating this machine as following: getting rid of all sorts of dull working (varying from couriers to policemen and meal creating, which now would be synthesized without any problems); making the human lifetime and time of working ability as long as it would be possible; creating possibilities for everyone to do the things in thier lives they can do best; getting rid for all time of all kinds of bad habits; establishing the Ideal State in UPS (United Planet State); full Moral Renewal of all Earths inhabitants. Corresponding to the plans of the creators of the Rock, when this machine would have been turned on with its full force, it would fully change the face of the planet at once. Firstly, all ill people would be momentarily cured along with alcoholics, whose organisms would never ever be capable again of taking a little single drop of alcohol since then, and drug addicts, who would give up their addictions forever. All the invalids would get artificial members of body instead of the missing ones, and they would become functioning parts of the society again. Secondly, the Rock would help every single man to find the most appropriate and interesting for him occupation in his life. Thirdly, human activities connected with producing of any kind of mass production would be being executed automatically due to the Rock. The only sorts of job that would remain would be the creative ones. There wont be any need in money since, so it would be out of circulation. All needs connected with human physical existence would be satisfied automatically, meanwhile the needs in exquisite things would just disappear. The only thing scientists still needed was the permission from the Government to make the probative running of the Rock in a limited doze. The Planetary Government consisted of two main political parties: the party of the Old Order and the Renewal party. The party of the Old Order was the ruling one with Sergey Podranin (his nationality was Russian) as their leader. People supporting the Old Order not just paid their attentions to the problem that the Rock wasnt practically and experimentally tested and so could have been very dangerous for humankind, but also, as it seemed, neednt life in such easy way when everyone would have equal rights and working possibilities. The scientists werent able again and again to get the permission on making experiments on people because there was a little more of the henchmen of the party of the Old Order than of the Renewal party...
Although, the scientists ; creators of the Rock led by the Main Planner, Englishman Sam Brownstone, werent going to give up. Some enthusiasts ; Brownstones best friends decided to make experimental using of the Rock without letting the Government know about it. They planned to organize an experimental local mental control over the matter in a chamber which was specially arranged for these purposes.
Samuel Brownstone with John Smith (who was English also), Anna Danilova (Russian scientist) and Dmitry Sergeyevich Taranenko from the Ukraine assigned the day of the experiments as the twentieth of June, 3016. They planned to use the Rock in the low degree of its might to change the interior structure of the Hall of the Rock and also to cure Annas pain in the back by mental orders.
So, the day of the experiment came.

Long ago Mister Sam Brownstones name was John Dowson. He was born in a middle class family in London. Since his childhood he has dreamt to find the ways of changing the world just by using mental activity.
While he was still studying at the university, he began his researches of the methods of changing matter by mental orders. He had studied all more or less famous works in which this problem was seriously pondered over. Due to his extraordinary mind, he found in the end the things that were missing in all the works of the scientists who studied the same problem before. A lot of things that later were put in the basis of the Rock have been created at that time. The main achievement at the moment was the creating of a substance without any colour or smell, which had a lot in common with gas by its physical and chemical properties, which was reacting on the directives transmitted by brain waves and accordingly in certain areas and in natural limits changing the material world. And it turned out that it was easy to make this gas. At the university Dowson became friends with his class-fellow John Smith. Smith got involved into Dowsons work at once and they continued researches together.
While Sam and John were studying at the university and making in all of the free time different experiments, they felt the lack of some kinds of expensive equipment. And Sam decided to steal it, because he considered their aim as the one that must be achieved at all costs. But he was caught and imprisoned because he was an inexperienced burglar. He spent three unpleasant nights in a prison and had a fight with his jail mates. Smith helped him to make a jailbreak. After that sad case John Dowson changed name to Sam Brownstone, also changed his appearance, all his documents and went to another university. Later he had become a physics-mathematics science doctor.
So, John and (already) Sam lacked the equipment for really significant research.
And they decided to ponder over getting the equipment very seriously. Sam and John created the Invisible Decoder, not only unseen by eyes, but also not able to be found by any observing means flying in space piece of mental energy fitting to perform manipulations of limited difficulty, like, for instance, opening safes. On the 12 December 3006 the actions algorithm which was put in the Decoder from the Sams head let find out the combination of the safe in which one of their enemies had kept his money, and get a sum which later helped a lot during the setting of the Rock.
Since the year 3006 till the end of 3008 they continued to look for some new ways of influence of mental energy over the material world, and they had a great success in this. But yet they were not able to spread the scale of reality that stood changes from mental activities. Brownstone and Smith were already capable of creating almost anything from any kind of material. They conquered everything in the simplest physics and inorganic chemistry researching area (yet, still in theory), but managing inner and outer human states still wasnt going very well. The problems arrived just when they crossed the bordering line between the animate nature and inanimate.
To overcome these unpleasant problems Sam and John needed some specialists in the areas connected with these problems to help to solve them. They met secretly lots of biologists, doctors of medical sciences, psychologists, psycholinguists and so on. They finally made their choice as a medical science doctor Anna Danilova and world famous biologist Dmitry Sergeyevich Taranenko who showed a great involvement in the research on the affecting of the thought on the surrounding nature. These scientists readily joined the English team and moved to London for incorporate research.
By general efforts the group of scientists managed to move so far and to achieve so significant results in their research that now they were able to change the face of the planet forever. They already knew anything they needed to know to create the supercomputer which was lately given name the Rock. The Rub Al Hali desert as a place of setting was advised to Sam by one good old friend of his. More than a hundred of workers arranged the Rock in two years time
The news about the creating of the supercomputer caused a kind of shock for the whole humanity which had divided as a result into the henchmen of the unlimited using of the Rock on Earth and the people who were against the supercomputer.

The four friends gathered together in the Rub Al Hali laboratory. They gathered not in vain, because they had to make finally the test of the supercomputer. The big excitement was written on the faces of everyone present... Sam felt that there was no use in keeping silence anymore and addressed to the three people, who had become his best friends, in such a way:
My friends! The day we all had been waiting for for the last years has come. It is either we would get in history books if we make the matter and the human nature obey to our will, or, if we fail, we would be convinced of our uselessness. In the last case I will give up the researches of influencing the matter with mental orders forever.
Anna told him in the answer:
I dont think that something can go wrong when we have calculated everything so many times
Sam continued his thought:
Dmitry, my friend, as we decided anticipatory, you will wait until we return with a shield or upon a shield from the Hall of the Rock. Add some gas to the Hall from time to time. Watch carefully the information on the display and, if something goes wrong, try to get us out. Actually, I dont need to explain it to you, because, if I had doubts in you or any of you, he took a look on everybody present, I wouldnt have begun working with this person anyway.
Dmitry scratched his head and said:
Yes, Sam, I remember all of your instructions and Ill watch your actions on the monitors display. If I consider something as suspecting or dangerous for your lives and health, I will stop the experiment at once. You can go without worrying, Ive got everything under my control, with these words Dmitry kissed Anyas cheek and shook hands with his two other friends.
The friends turned to the door leading to the Hall of the Rock and passed through it one by one. The Hall had a square of hundred on hundred and fifty metres. To the left from the entry, near the wall, the Rock was situated, having the size just the same as that wall. Three helmets resembling to the ones which are being used by pilots were laying close to the Rock. Also two cupboards and three chairs were situated in the room. Some bricks lay on the floor. There was nothing else there.
Sam passed to the supercomputer, waited until Dmitry turned on the main source of power and turned on the controlling panel. While Anna and John were putting on their helmets for controlling the matter, Sam, who had already put it on, made all the necessarily settings of the Rock, and the low sounds made by the Rock showed its full readiness. The first doze of the gas spread through the room. Sam said:
Well, lets start!
As they decided, at first they performed the experiment on telekinesis. John turned to a chair standing close to him and gave it a mental order to fly. One leg raised from the floor under the influence of the unseen for eyes of the present company gas. Then another one. After that, to their great pleasure, the chair flew up in the air. John made it rotate a couple of times and fall on the floor. Sam and Anna also made their chairs rise in the air and fly a bit over the scientists heads.
Then, just like Sam planned, they made experiments on levitation, that is: all the three people sat on their chairs and flew in the air together with them.
The participants of the experiment gave mental orders, which were perceived by the Rock, forming them in the completed sentences which were supported by the mental images of what was needed from the supercomputer to be done. The supercomputer the Rock was created in such a way that it perceived only the meanings of words sent by the commanding subject that he really meant. Because of this fact there were no problems connected with the fact that most words are polysemantic. It was very hard to achieve this effect. But the power concealed in the Rock hid a great menace inside which could have come real if the Rock got in wrong hands. Just like in case if some people with bad intentions got the nuclear warfare, the man without special preparing could have been able to cause an irreparable harm to the planet with the help of the Rock, of course, if the Rock would have been turned to its full power. Because of that fact the henchmen of the Renewal party planned (even if theyd have to operate against the governments will), performing of the three main actions in the nearest future:
1) Spreading (for the beginning) through the whole Earth the gas with which the Rock is acting upon the matter.
2) The full moral modifying of all the Earths inhabitants, so to speak, the global remoralization.
3) Creating possibilities for all the people to use unlimitedly the Rock2, the supercomputer that will come to change the Rock and will freely control the matter on the whole Earth The Rock2 was planned to be built in the Antarctic Continent.
After having all the mentioned above done, they intended to send satellites with remoralizing rays to all the known inhabited planets to create possibilities for setting on each of them a Rock after some time.
An architectonic experiment was the next one in the tests timetable: Anna, by mental efforts transmitted into physical forces by the Rock, moved some bricks in such a way that they formed a triangle and a round. When Anna ended her architectonic labour, Sam reorganized the order of the bricks in a way that now they formed a 3-D pyramid. John just connected all the bricks in a cube and made it fly over the floor and hang on the ceiling. Now it will hang there, if everything had been correctly calculated, till new orders as long as it may become needed. Having clicked a couple of buttons, Dmitry added some gas because a part of it had gone to keep the cube in a hanging condition.
The next part of the experiments was very responsible. They had to cure Annas back. Sam gave all the necessarily mental orders to the Rock and began to watch very attentively Annas behavior.
Anna screamed:
Its unbelievable! The back is not hurting anymore at all!! We achieved even that! Sam, I guess that now everybody would believe us!
Id prefer not to hurry that way. Lets continue the experiment, Sam answered.
Then, just as Sam planned, the scientists began pyrokinesis: Sam set two chairs on fire by mental order, and John made fire-preventive measures when he mentally caused a little rain by creating water from the air in the Hall.
In the planned timetable of experiments they left some place for the teleportation. Dmitry observed with big interest his friends figures moving momentarily on the screen of his monitor from one part of the Hall into another, while the points of materialization were calculated by the Rock in a way that the teleportating people arrived in different places.
Then they did one funny thing: with the help of the Rock they became unseen for each other. Dmitry saw that all the images of the scientists disappeared from the screen of his monitor, but this didnt surprise him, because he was warned before the beginning of experiments about all of the actions planned to be done. He just watched objects moving through the Hall of the Rock under impulses of the unseen outer forces. A chair raised upon the floor, then fell back. A cupboard moved
When they got tired of going through the Hall and pushing each other, Sam told his friends:
Well, guys, up to now our Rock showed only his best. Now lets try controlling the matter on much higher level Dmitry, turn the power more on three units, please So, now we will make clones of every one of us. Thereupon the clones that will arrive as a result would be equal to the originals in everything, we would be able to send them to our homes in order to create the impression that we have given up all the plans connected with the Rock. Well live here, in Rub Al Hali, for awhile while our clones would return to Johns and Dmitrys wives and my and Annas parents
But, Sam, Dmitrys voice sounded sharply from the amplifiers situated from the sides of the Rock, even if well be able to do this, it means that a clone would f**k my wife, and she wouldnt even see or feel any difference between me and him?!
Relax, dear Dmitry! Will you be jealous of your dear Varya to yourself?! Because the clones acquired with the help of our Rock wouldnt differ from us neither in physical nor in mental senses. Corresponding to the calculations Ive done recently, the copy of Dmitry Sergeyevich that will arrive as a result will obtain all the background knowledge, physical and mental peculiarities and so on absolutely equal to the originals, so not only Varya, but even your own mother wont be able to see any differences! The only difference that still will exist is that you will be able to command your clone anything you like and make him do what you need to be done. Now you can clearly see that theres no problem and you can freely go to your wife just then we took your copy if you are so jealous; what we need from you most is your knowledge, and your clone would have all of it, so he could shift you easily.
Dima kept silent for a second thinking about the perspective of staying outside the creation of the destiny of the world, and hurried to assure all people present:
Er, Sam, dont hurry! With such degree of personal identity it would have been stupid from my side to talk about jealousy. Let the clone do my husbands duty while Ill remoralize Earths inhabitants with you!
Im glad that you decided to stay with us! Does anybody still have any questions on this matter? Sam asked.
Did you tell us right now, Anna said, that the clones consciousnesses would be identical to ours?
Sam nodded. Anna continued:
So why dont we create a couple of clones for each of us to improve the surrounding reality quicker and more resulting?..
Sam thought for a moment and answered:
Good girl! Lets start! Dima, come here just when we ended. Now everybody should ask the Rock to create three copies of him or her. Come on, lets have some fun!..
Soon the Hall of the Rock became much more crowded. While John and Anna were talking to their clones and giving them names, Sam gave his helmet for giving orders to the Rock to Dmitry Taranenko, who had came down to the Hall. And he also created three his clones
John, in order to avoid the mess, offered the ordinal-nominal system of giving names to clones, that is, for instance, John the First, Anna the Second, Sam the Third and so on. But Taranenko decided that it is not sufficient, and so he gave a meeting offer of his own:
Every one of you knows about my unlimited love to the history And so, Ive got a little plea, I mean: lets call my clones not simply Dmitry the First, the Second and so on, but: Lzhedmitry the First, Lzhedmitry the Second, and so on corresponding to the whole clones list!
Nobody decided to argue with Dmitry, and thats how they decided.
Then Sam looked with the unfamiliar feeling at the motley group and addressed to everyone present in such a way:
My friends! That what weve done today can prove much to all the sceptics which were ready to laugh at us up to this day. But our main target the remoralization of all the inhabitants of the planet Earth with total access to operating the Rock-2 is still waiting for its hour! We will fight to reach it as soon as it would be possible. Maybe someone can consider my words banal, but they are true. The Utopians of the past from Moore to Marks and Lenin were unlimitedly farther from making their dreams come true than we are now. And the next step that will make us come close to our full victory is an experiment on human person. We need to find an absolutely lost for the society scum, as asocial as Jack the Ripper, and as soulless as Stalin with Hitler. And if the remoralization makes this villain capable of living in society, if he truly becomes better staying at the same time at most the same person as he was, which is meaning because if we just changed the persons dominant we would have become usual killers, then we would be able to go to the global sized remoralization with clean conscience.
A silence in the Hall, which was kept for a several seconds, John broke actually, it was one of the four Johns variants which were now in the Hall, but Sam decided that it was human, not a clone:
And how, Sam, oldie, will we get the scum? Confess that you've got some ideas on this matter!
You bet! If I had none of such ideas, it wouldnt have been Brownstone-the-Best-Brain-in-the-Universe, but just another one Utopian-loser!.. Modesty wasnt the very characterizing Sams feature. My idea is as following: me and Anna, as we decided previously, will go to the prison and steal Matt Prator (whose nickname is the Bloodbather) from there (leaving the maniacs clone instead of him), while you would prepare everything here. Prator is the most dangerous villain of our century, but well easily get him with the help of the portable Rock I set, which, by the way, has the power thirty times less than the power of our big supercomputer. In the prison we will become unseen, take the wall away (again unseen for the others), take the Bather and quietly teleportate back. By the way, I take Anna with me not just because she wanted to go but also because she has a practice in martial arts as I do.
Sam stopped talking and looked at the company of people and not just people He noticed not without inner satisfaction an absolute absence of difference between them. One of the four Dmitry Sergeyeviches, the same unshaved and with the same problem hair as the other three, was the next to speak:
Well, Sam, if you have decided, dont forget to take the video transmitter with you in order to let us see you and teleportate with the help of the Rock to you and, if you shall fail, get you back to Rub Al Hali.
Anna entered the conversation:
Firstly, I want to offer that everyone who is beginning to speak would tell who he is for the beginning. I am Anna-human, and I will go, er Actually, teleportate together with Sam-human to the Los Angeles jail to get the Bather. I suppose that well take the transmitter with us, so everybody who would like to would not miss a single thing from the great events that are sure going to happen. Does anybody else want to speak?
This is Sam the Second. Please, take me with you! Honestly, Ill cause no problems!
I am Sam-human. Shame on you! Dont you think that others wouldnt like to go, but they are keeping silent
But Anna-human suddenly supported the nasty clone:
Its Anna-human. Maybe we would take him? You can call it womens intuition if youd like to but Ive got a feeling that this clone could help us And as long as we are talking about our dear clones Arent you feeling any discomfort because of such an addressing, my friends?
Oh, no!
No, not at all! sounded from either side. Sam-human commented these words:
Its Sam the man, and I guess thats true because youve got the same consciousness structure as we do Well, from now on everybody has his free time, and you can enjoy it by playing chess and finding out who is a better player a human or a clone. Do anything you wish to, but dont get too drunk... I, personally, am going to make some experiments with the Rock. Anyone can join me if hed like to. Tomorrow, right in the dawn, our group consisting of three er Let it be people is going to do some real job!
Someone applaused.

Anna woke up rather early the next morning: at five oclock. She woke up with feeling that today shell need all her will and dedication in the work and maybe even the knowledge of sambo. Anna hoped in the depths of her soul although that there wont be a need in such actions She woke up from the bed looking at the room. The three of her clones were sleeping right here, because the room was enough for everyone, but two of them had already woken up, as it seemed from their made beds, and only on one bed, near the window, a sleeping figure was seen.
The door suddenly opened, and Anna Alexandrovna saw Anna the Third (it was clearly seen from the tattoo on the clones forehead the number three) entering with a big plate in her hands.
Having entered, the clone addressed to Anna:
Good morning! I supposed that youve already woken up. Help yourself, daddy the Rock have cooked the great synthesized meal!
The fruits were lying on the plate, Anna actually understood that it were not real fruits, but their appearance wasnt different from the real, and at the same time they were even more useful than natural ones because they included more different useful ingredients. Also a glass of juice stood there and a plate of porridge
Hallo, the Third! Wow! And how our sciences granite found out that I am fond of the porridge?!
I requested it, Ann, because we, the clones, have the same tastes as our prototypes.
Oh, yeah, I didnt think. Listen, Thirdy, why have you got a number on your forehead? And who made you this little tattoo?..
Do you like it? I did it myself, you know!..
Wha-t? Anna couldnt hide her amazement, she almost choked. Did you make it yourself?..
Just kidding! The Rock made it following the Sams idea which we all supported. These tattoos are unseen for the eyes of a stranger. You can see lazy the Second sleeping near the window she has a number two tattooed on her forehead. Yesterday, when youve already gone to sleep, we were busy with these numbers
Thats good we dont need at all the problems of misunderstanding who are you talking to at the moment. Wont you tell me anything else new while Ill be eating all of these?
Here is some more of the latest news: as John suggested, the Rock covered the whole our territory with its gas a couple of minutes ago and made it unable for being found by any observing means and unseen with the naked eye. And the first numbers of the clones had already been teleportated to the places of living of the originals. Now they will make the view as if weve given up any ideas connected with the global using of the supercomputer and also they will to a certain degree take part from time to time in the wars between the parties
Thats right, I hope that mom wont suspect anything when she would see our sister
They didnt talk for about a minute, and Anna had a possibility to finish quietly her breakfast. Then one thought arrived in Annas head and she asked:
Why did you bring me the plate yourself while you could just asked the Rock to teleportate it?
I thought: why would I spend the gas in vain while very soon we will need a whole lot of it! And at the same time I wanted to talk to you
Then Number Two, who had woken up, spoke:
Good morning! I also would like to eat something if we have!
Already woke up, Number Two? Number Three spoke. Its better late than never! OK, you can go now right to the Hall of the Rock and ask there anything you wish probably, youll get it.
Thanks, Number Three, Anna-two said while she was leaving.
When the Second went to get something to eat, Number Three addressed to Anna in such a way:
You know, today you may not consider it to be easy walk in Los Angeles, and I thought that maybe the Rock as an exception would give you some alcohol for the purposes of becoming a little bit braver, and made him such a request And what can you suggest it didnt synthesize a single gram of it!
It didnt and was absolutely right! In our New World there would be no place for alcohol and alcoholics as you know! And you should have known me much better than anybody else does! Do you really think that I need some dope to do the deed that I consider just and fair?..
I felt the same way, too, so I wasnt disappointed much about the fact of the Rocks disobedience
Sam's voice sounded from the amplifier on the ceiling:
I ask Sam-two and Anna to teleportate to the Hall of the Rock for the purposes of going to Los Angeles jail as soon as they are ready. Im telling everyone that now as Ive requested the Rock will provide the source of gas and create a detached helmet built in the wall in every room. Attention!
Really, after these Sam's words Anya and Anya-three saw as from one wall a tube arrived through which the gas will be passing, and from the opposite wall a helmet situated on the level of Annas height arrived with which, as it seemed, it was planned to rule the Rock from this room.
Sam continued his speech:
Entering of the new doze of gas is being provided by giving a mental order to the Rock standing under the helmet. Thats all for now.
Anya with her clone followed one after another Sam's appeal and teleportated to the Hall.
The most scientists were already there, both human and clones including Sam the Second. Anya saw Sam Brownstone giving some extra orders to the Rock. As a result of it in the wall opposite to the Rock the three windows of the unknown destination arrived.
What is this, Sam? asked John, human, as it was seen from the absence of a tattoo on his forehead.
Sam answered putting off his helmet:
These are the screens on which the people who will stay here would be able to watch our crusade for the Bather. I, Sam the Second and Anna each one will carry a video transmitter. Those who will stay in case of emergency would teleportate to us and interfere. The Rock will choose the point of materialization in the Los Angeles jail in a way that we would arrive aside from the observing means and people. Unfortunately, while the gas is not spread through the whole Earth, the Rock is not able to manage unlimitedly the matter on the big distances, and so all that it can do now to help us is to throw us to this jail. We would be acting on our own further and would only be able to trust in ourselves and the mini-Rock.
Then Sam-three spoke:
But why do we need to act in such a hurry? Maybe we should better quietly wait while the gas will be spread through the whole Earth to let us become absolute masters of the matter, because in this case no one would be able to hold us from stealing hundreds of Bathers if we'd like to?
The Third, youre my own full copy, so you should know just as good as I do that it would have taken us two years at least, and during that time the party of the Old Order could forbid our work for a thousand of times, Sam answered.
But should we be afraid now, when the Rock is hid from all the observing means and the clones have returned to our houses to make everyone believe that we have given up forever our dreams connected with the Renewal? Sam-three continued to warn.
It would have been very naive to think that the party of the Old Order consists of stupid people. Damn it, you know just as well as I do how dangerous enemies are Podranin with company They won't believe in our capitulation so easily. No, today we can count only on ourselves. But this is only one more test if we are capable of doing it by ourselves, if we are sure that we are doing the just and fair deed and are ready to fight for it till the very end, then we are worthy of seeing all our dreams coming true.
Well, Sam, of course, this is right. I think the same way too, and, if youve got so great fighting mood, I really believe that you wouldnt fail Sam-three concluded.
Thats right! I repeat our task one more time. I, Anya and the Second will teleportate by using the Rock to the prison there in the ward number one hundred and twenty, just as the information I got from the authoritative sources tells, the maniac called the Bloodbather is being kept. We must, acting with the maximum available speed, take this man here to Rub Al Hali. To achieve our purposes we will use the mini-Rock I made which would allow us to become absolutely unseen for the prison guard and also it'll let us to go through the walls. The main difficulty is connected with the search of the ward we need. Taking the Bather would be possible by putting him to sleep and leaving his clone instead of him. But bear in mind that the amount of the gas will be very limited, so we shouldnt spend it in vain I suggest after teleportating and performing all the necessarily prophylactic-masking actions to split in three and keep on communicating until someone finds our maniac.
Yes, Sam, that is correct, Anya agreed. Who finds the Bather calls the others. Also in the case of emergency let each one call the others, those who will be in Los Angeles along with ones who would stay in Rub Al Hali.
These words put an end to the meeting, and Sam suggested Anya and his clone to prepare. Then he came to helmet which he left before, put it on and gave the Rock a command to teleportate them to there they needed.

The Rock chose one of the jails corridors as the point of materialization. Nobody was around, and Sam had a possibility to work with Rocky, as he called the portable supercomputer, in quiet surrounding. Mister Brownstone quietly masked himself and his satellites. As nobody arrived in the corridor while Sam was using Rocky, the three scientists got a possibility to look quietly at the territory they will act in. Sam, Sam the Second and Anna Danilova went to the ends of this corridor looking for a kind of signs The corridor had width in several metres and was spreading to the right and the left as long as an eye could see. Some side turnings were seen on the walls.
At the same time people in the Hall of the Rock were attentively watching the visual data on the screens of three monitors. They were glad because of the successful teleportation of their friends and were ready to join the three in the case of emergency.
Meanwhile Sam, The Second and Anya decided to split the area of search of the Bather in such a way: Sam, as the only one who had Rocky in the group, would go right through the wall. Anya and The Second would go to the opposite sides of corridor trying not to show their presence to anybody and at the same time looking for some useful information.
Before beginning of doing their job, Sam Brownstone said:
We must not forget to keep communicating with one another. As soon as anyone finds out the Bathers trail or gets in any dangerous situation he should at once tell the other two to come to him. There is, as you know, a program in our means of communication which allows us to find each other easily. If I find the Bather and you wont be able to come to me because of the walls, Ill return to let you go to Rub Al Hali at first and then will return for the maniac.
After these words Sam stepped through the wall opened before him which returned to its normal state just then he passed, and if somebody was watching this from aside he wouldnt have noticed a thing. Anna and the Second went to the opposite sides and also began looking for the Bather

Unseen for the others, Sam walked through the walls of the Los Angeles jail, passed beside the guard he met, and very soon he came to the wards in one of which, as he found out analyzing the information he was getting while he was moving on his way, the Bloodbather was imprisoned. Freely entering every ward one by one, Sam soon found the man whose face from the picture was hidden inside his memory
Sam gave his comrades a message about successful ending of their searching and asked them to come to the Bathers ward:
Activate your searching programs. If some problems arrive, please let me know: Ill go to help and also youll get help from Rub Al Hali if there will be a need.
The information they found about the Bather told that the maniac was absolutely healthy mentally and cruel and calculating in any of his famous murders. Feeling a bit nervous Sam came close to the Bather. The maniac following the best traditions of the classic Terminator-2 was pulling up himself on the improvised apparatus of the second level of the two-leveled bed. Sam noticed the killers huge hands which seemed to be especially done by nature for the maniacs activity. Brownstone was a bit surprised by this fact because the maniacs and all sorts of serial killers he have seen on the TV-screen before were all as one feeble and wearing spectacles The Bather's hair was absolutely cut, so he was rather differing from his picture made at the time when he had very long hair. Nobody else was in the ward, nevertheless the two-leveled bed, but this fact actually wasnt surprising. When Sam entered, he gave Rocky an order to create a soundproof barrier around the ward. Then he ordered Rocky to make the Judas hole video camera which was transmitting the happening in the ward events to the guard's computer transmit the maniac's image as if he was quietly sitting in the both meanings of this verb. The next thing he did was creating just in case (his anxiety was easy to be understood) of the protecting shield between him and the Bloodbather. After having all of this done Sam put away his masking for the Bathers eyes. He called the maniac:
Hey, you, Matt!
Whos there?! the Bather momentarily jumped from his apparatus and became prepared for the possible offence by taking a position suitable for boxing Sam hurried to explain:
Dont worry, buddy! In this particular case the man you see before you now is not your enemy, though it is unpleasant to admit
Who are you? How did you get here? the Bather took more relaxed pose, but it was clearly seen that he is ready to go to actions connected with self-defense at any moment. Yes, we didnt make a mistake in our choice! Sam noticed to himself.
Calm down, the Bather! You dont have to know now how I got here. Ill let you only
know that you do not have to worry about the guard: the camera is transmitting that
everythings OK, and I have an offer to you you cant refuse!
Go away, mister! I dont need a single thing from you!
The Bather, you are not stupid man, I suggest you at least to listen to me before you will refuse, though it has no sense: we have already decided everything about you.
Well, alright, Ill listen to you, mister
You can just call me Sam, Sam Brownstone answered. Listen to me carefully. Do you want to leave this beautiful house and never return again?
Possibly. Continue, Sam, but please dont be beating about the bush!..
That is right the attitude I wanted to see from you! I also dont want to waste time and Ill try to be as brief as it would be possible without omitting anything essential... At this moment my friends are going towards this ward to let us all including you, the Bloodbather, go to the Rub Al Hali desert, there an experiment would be done with you. Briefly, its sense is as following: from your consciousness, without changing the inner personal structure and the indivisibility of mental processes, an urge for useless violence would be took out and changed by love to reasonable, good and everlasting things... The memory about the operation as well as the memory about all the past would stay in your head. And if you are unsatisfied with the result of the operation after it is done or if you like to return to your previous, bloody life perceiving, image and so on, it would be done without any problems, and you will quietly return to your ward in Los Angeles... But I shall warn that you shouldnt think about running away from us it wont do, we are neither like that stupid cops you know nor helpless gals
The Bather listened to Sam with a grin on his face. When the maniac asked:
And if I agree and stay satisfied with the result of the zombifying?..
Well, then you will take part in our project if you wish, otherwise, youll get absolute freedom to go there you want
Arent you afraid that Ill be caught once again and Ill tell the cops everything about your work?
My friend the Bather, you wouldnt be able to do low things anymore, and cops, believe me, cant frighten us at all!
Im not going to listen to this bullshit anymore! Ive been taken away of everything I had except my brains. And no one will take it away, especially such a complacent jerk as you!! With these words the Bather jumped rather nicely on Sam Brownstone probably trying to hit him in the jaw Although, the Bloodbather wasnt informed about the power shield prepared for this kind of cases. Matt was thrown away by some power unknown for him and fell on his ass Sam sighed with release being glad inside because of the constant well functioning of his Rocky.
Having felt his hurting place, the Bather quickly jumped back on his feet.
Very well, Sam, I appreciate your foresight. Now, please, listen to my suggestion before you sent me to sleep because thats what you were going to do, isnt it?..
Yes, the Bather, Sam was surprised by the maniacs guessing ability, thats right what I was planning to do Im listening to you very carefully!
Sam, my friend, why dont we fight one on one, to let everything be honest, without all of your fucking witchery? If you win, I would take part in your experiment, if you swear that my memory wont be changed or taken away, of course. In case you lose ; well, it will be only your problem
I swear, Sam said paying no attention to the voice of his conscience telling him that such experiments on remoralization actually never took place before and to the protests in the communicative apparatus being transmitted both from Rub Al Hali and from hurrying towards him Anna and Sam-two.
Sam accepted the challenge, but, to tell the truth, there was nothing heroically in it, because if the worst happened, for example, if Prator would have beaten him, the group from Rub Al Hali would have taken them to the Hall of the Rock where Sam would have been returned to normal by using the Rock. But Sam wanted to be honest, he wanted to get help from the irrational powers which help not those who cheat but only those who are fair And also Sam wanted to fight very much. Sam put off the shield that divided him from his enemy, threw Rocky aside, put the helmet for its controlling off (which in fact was quite dangerous: what if the Bather guessed WHAT kind of helmet it is?..) and jumped with karate kick. He managed to get his opponent making him pay his attention to suffered stomach and continued with a punch to the Bathers nose. Although the following round kick didnt touch the Bather because he already became conscious and jumped away less than a second before Sams foot got him.
In the pause arrived the Bather told his opponent:
Not bad for a dumb like you, Sam! having told this, he took something sharp from his hidden pocket, a sharpened spoon, probably, and both Annas clones which were watching the happening on the screen in the Hall of the Rock sighed simultaneously and held their breathes.
Sam guessed Matts assault by the feeling (the sixth? or the seventh?..) acquired during the time of training and reacted in time by throwing his boy aside. But the maniac was faster than Sam when he was hitting with the full might, nevertheless he had quite pumped muscles. The knife stuck in the left shoulder and caused a moan of pain from Brownstone.
How do you like my knife? Isnt it disturbing you? Matt said already celebrating his victory inside.
Just a little bit, Sam mumbled with giant effort weakening the attention of the enemy. The effect was just as Brownstone, acting corresponding to the Jeet Kune Do principles formulated by Bruce Lee in the twentieth century, was hoping to get the Bather began laughing idiotically and lost for a moment his readiness. It was the fatal mistake. One should be afraid of the wounded beast! Not thinking but acting (hail to Bruce!), Sam showed that he had practised not just karate but also boxing, and his right hook in the jaw is still capable of making sit on their asses as huge villains as the Bather was Having sat above the maniac and added some right punches, Brownstone got up from the unmoving Bather who had got a free lesson, which, although, wouldnt be useful for him, because after the remoralization he wouldnt ever wish to fight. Sam sat near listening to congratulations and arguments sounding in his transmitter (It was me who advised the hook!, Not just you alone! Me too!). He began waiting for his friends who hadnt come yet keeping from time to time communicating with Sam-two and Anna and with Rub Al Hali. Brownstone got tired, the hand was hurting very much. He put the helmet on and solved the problem with hand by pulling away (Oh, shit!!!) the knife and adding some gas of Rocky for instant curing the injury.
Brownstone was keeping an eye on the Bloodbather, who was, thank God, still unconscious, and kept on waiting.

Anna was going towards Sam and the Bather following the data on the screen of the apparatus with the searching program. She was proud of Sam, that really brave man and the scientist in the best traditions of the sixties of the twentieth century. The masking that Rocky made for her was functioning alright, and she passed by the warders unseen and unheard. Anya relaxed a bit, she joked while she was talking to her friends in the Hall of the Rock, Sam and Sam-two
When Anya was coming closer to the wards, she was thinking to herself: I guess we are a little bit hurrying to be so glad. How would we like it if this jerk turns to be unable to be remoralized?.. Really, what will we do? Would it mean that we will give up everything and return to our houses?.. No, rather well return to laboratory to continue researching. Day by day, night by night, till we all
What we all she didnt explain because she fell out of the reality a bit involved in her own thinking process, and, as a result of this, she smashed into suddenly arrived warder People watching Danilova in Rub Al Hali said together: Oops!!!
The guard didnt have a very brilliant intellect. But he had fast reflexes and knowledge of martial arts instead. He didnt see who smashed into him. But he did felt the touch
So, he moved his hand reflex with clenched blaster towards the enemy The warder felt that the blow got some hard body Before becoming absolutely unconscious Anya regretted that didnt practise for such a long period of time. The guard bowed and searched the space nearby. What he touched in all anatomic features which the clothes on the body allowed to feel resembled female body! Gee! a thought arrived in the guards head (along with some more obscene thoughts). Although, the warder wasnt able to enjoy the invisible great things which he suddenly found on his way from the dining-room because cameras were everywhere transmitting the happening events to other warders, and it wouldnt have been much pleasure if the whole jail saw a porno scene with a human and the air as actors. The guard did the only reasonable thing in such a situation called for help.
At the same time Sam-two was hurrying towards the place of the happening events and he came to Anna and the guard simultaneously with the help that guard called. The Second started an unequal fight with the three opponents, which although didnt see him.
The group in Rub Al Hali was trying in a hurry to teleportate sciences and clones for help: Dima the Second added the gas to the Hall while Dmitry Taranenko was putting on the helmet and giving the mental orders to the Rock. But unfortunately the Rock teleportated several clones and John Smith too far from the place of happening events, to the place where Sam with the company was teleportated before
Sam Brownstone also planned to go to help Anya but unfortunately Matt the Bloodbather became conscious. He took off the helmet from Sam and got Brownstone by the throat. Sam fought the enemys steel grab for several long seconds trying to weaken it. To do it a bit easier he gave the Bather a left punch in the face. Then by a couple of hits with his forehead in the maniacs nose he sent him to sleep, and then he took the helmet and ran to save Anya and the clone. But Sam was a little late: he came to the place of actions from the side where Anna was lying unconscious, and at the same time from the other side a shot from the blaster impaled Sam-two. When Sam took a look at the dead clones body he had a strange feeling as if it were not the clone lying there killed but himself. A sad thought arrived in Brownstones head: One day I will be looking just the same way Sam understood that to save the Second was impossible and so he took Anna on his hands and ran towards the Bloodbathers ward. He felt sorry that the Rock cant bring the dead to life or return people to the past in order to right the wrongs. On the way towards the ward Danilova became conscious again, looked at Sam, understood the situation correctly and moved her body closer to his Soon they met the group sent for help.
When Sam Brownstone had entered the ward, he ordered the Rock to send the Bather to a deeper sleep. Then Sam used all the amount of the gas left to send everybody to the Hall of the Rock in Rub Al Hali. Sam left a clone of the Bloodbather instead of a real one

Part two
The gas is being spread!

On the 22nd of June 3016 the scientists and the clones gathered together in the Hall of the Rock
The Bloodbather, who was unconscious nevertheless the fact that the bruises Sam made were cured with the help of the Rock, was sitting in a chair deprived of the possibility of getting away by the power of the Rock. Then he moved a little with his bald head, winked a few times and returned consciousness. Matt took a look on his enemies faces, correctly appreciated the situation and addressed Sam the Third (he thought that it was Sam Brownstone) with such words:
Sam, my dear friend, how can you send to experiment your old good comrade alone? Why dont you, to be consistent to the end in your image of the guardian of the Justice, share with me the role of an experimental rabbit?..
What the heck are you talking about, the Bather?! real Sam answered him. I supposed that you are the only maniac and pervert of two of us
Every one is a pervert, Matt noticed philosophically. But making previously untested experiments on a weak and a helpless person isnt it the true maniacal feature?!
Well, OK, the Bather... The procedure of the remoralization wouldnt make me less workable, rather the opposite. Sam answered. I guess Ill come through this with you
Give it up, Sam, why do you have to care what this moral freak is talking about?! Dmitry-three said in the answer to Sams words.
Brownstone addressed his friends:
Dont worry about me, I really do want to take part in the experiment. In the worst case, for example, if I die, the science wouldnt lose a thing till there are my clones. In addition to it, I remind you that the Rock didnt fail up to the present moment a single time, so I do not see any reasons why we cant trust it this time. But, please, if I show sometimes, until we had the Global Remoralization done, the excessive kindness there it is not suitable, please stop me, OK?
Anya touched her incredible hair, turned to Sam and suggested:
Well then, why dont we try the standard remoralization on you, and the individual one on our maniac?..
Good idea! John supported Danilovas idea with enthusiasm. Well have a show: the operation would be transmitted on a big screen and well check the best moments, make some popcorn and Pepsi, and the pleasure would be guarantied! At the same time we would be able to make sure on a hundred per cent if the remoralization is really happening or mister Prator just f**ks our brains!
During the last several sentences the Bloodbather looked on the speaking persons with the absence of a little bit of understanding in his eyes. Because of this he told addressing to all present:
Guys, have mercy on an uneducated man explain me, what else have you decided?
Sam answered the Bather:
Everythings very easy. The individual remoralization would mean in this case that Rock the supercomputer would find out and show us on the monitors screen from which moment in the past the features proper to a maniac have arrived in you. Scanning your memory with the help of the Rock we would be able to destroy your thirst for violence and open your mind for deep esthetic perceiving of the ideals of good and justice. Actually, it doesnt matter to you through which remoralization you will become good, and we (besides me) will enjoy a show, because the Rock will choose the meaning moments of your past which would be worth seeing for us.
F**k all of you!.. I cant understand which of us a real maniac is! Prator really didnt seem to be delighted with this idea
Although, his opinion already wasnt interesting to anyone, so soon everything was ready for the operation called Remoralization-1. They began with adding the gas to the Hall, which soon covered Sam and Prator. Dmitry put the helmet on and gave all the necessarily mental orders. Soon Sam fell asleep in a chair near maniac sleeping in another chair, and the present company began watching with the big interest the images translated from the brains of the unconscious Prator to the screen. The picture had been being followed by sounds and showed the maniacs memories changed by the Rock to a degree that they became able to be perceived as a movie. The picture was showing the events from the first person, i.e. by Prators eyes. And heres what they saw
Matt, nineteen, as the Rock explained to everyone, was going on a date with his beloved girlfriend in a one of the LA districts. It was rather late. Matt was in a good mood going through the areas which were more or less familiar. Suddenly an absolutely drunk person arrived in front of him.
He was going right towards Prator, and the last wanted to step aside in order to avoid the crash. But this man faltered and pushed Prator with his shoulder very strongly. Matt fell. The man didnt fall and addressed Matt who had stood up quickly:
You little punk! What the f**k are you pushing me?..
It was you who pushed me! Prator shouted with rage. The man hit Matt in the answer, and Prator as a result fell again into the dirt. The drunken man gave the lying Matt several kicks and, as it seemed, intended to go away. Matt, while he was still lying, cleaned the blood from his smashed lip with his backside of a palm and looked around. Close to him he saw a long nail lying on the asphalt. Matt picked it up and ran towards his offender full of rage. The offender quietly looked around and said:
You want some more, little bastard?
And Matt sticked the nail deep inside the enemys eye. Deafening screams sounded. Prator sticked the nail to the offenders second eye. Matt realized that he was really enjoying this That was the beginning. Prator made sure that noone saw all of that and hurried to go away from this place leaving his victim alone. Since this moment, as the Rock explained for the viewers, the Prators heart opened for serving Evil.
The next scene showed Matt Prator few months later, at the moment when he had already begun going to the boxing school. He met once the same girl he was going to meet at the evening mentioned above and who had parted him a long time ago. Prator stopped her, and she had nothing left to do but to stop and talk to the future Bather. They talked a little about how they are doing.
And where were you going now? Prator asked.
Actually I was going to the sauna, but why? answered the girl.
Oh, never mind Well, goodbye, I was pleased to talk to you!
Goodbye! Maybe well meet again!
I am sure we will!
Unfortunately Prator knew where the sauna his ex-girlfriend was going to was situated. He hurried home and then got to the sauna while the girl was still there. Matt killed his ex-girlfriend by an axe along with all the beholders.
The Rock showed some more of the Prators deeds which were just as bloody and horrifying as the mentioned above, including Matts impaling of an innocent victims breast with an atomic edge. The Rock would have showed more of such acts of useless violence, but Anna asked to stop the transmitting.
Remoralization of the Bather and Brownstone was done, and everyone looked impatiently at the victims of such a risky experiment. The Bather returned consciousness first. He woke up from the chair which released him and came to the Brownstones chair. Sam also returned his consciousness, got up and came up to Matt.
They came close and gave each other a hug. Everyone sighed with release and began discussing what has happened... Sam was answering to all the questions that he is OK and that he is feeling that the remoralizations roots are growing inside of him.
Oh, man! I want to create! he exclaimed. Ill go and write a poem right now! Prator, how about you? Hasnt your conscience woken up?
Sam, oldie! Thanks for the great invention! What a freak I was before! Now for you Ill kick everyones ass, er... I wont be able to do it anymore though, but Ill be your true friend and will do my best to help your project of Global Remoralization!
Alright, guys! Sam addressed to the present company. Listen to my suggestion: we would launch the gas on the planet to remoralize the Earths inhabitants, and, while the gas would be being spread through it, we all would go to my village! Are you agreeing? Very well!

Message from the author:
The following are Sams poems which he was writing after the remoralization until the end of the operation The Rock. All the poems are taken from Sams notebook. Their pessimism is caused by Sams doubts in the results of the operation The Rock. The readers could omit the poems without reading.

My Rock is my God
Will never be broken.
My Rock is my God
These words should be spoken
Through the whole world
By the young and the old,
By the poor, by the rich,
Every person and each!
If you are singing with true spirit,
If you are singing in full force
Everythings gone but just three things:
The Time, the Space and Singers Voice.
(O.Mandelshtams English translation)

The nonsense of existence
I am about to die!
The nonsense of existence
Im gonna stop my life!
The nonsense of existence
Im gonna say good-bye!
The nonsense of existence
Ill now commit this crime!!

Where you are
I will be there!
Where you are not
I will be damned.
Where you are
Is the only place.
Where you are not
I will fall out of grace!
Where you are not
I will fall out of grace!

Shit happens
Shit happens! Shit happens!
No matter what you do,
Its gonna come for you!
Shit happens! Shit happens!
Will always be this way:
Shit happens every day!
Shit happens! Shit happens!
One for you and two for me
Shit wont ever set us free!
Shit happens you know it does!
Shit happens every hour for anyone of us!

Something is guiding me
Something I dont know!
Something is guiding me
But I want to know!
Something is guiding me
Something I dont know!
Something is guiding me
But I want to know
I stand
Right on my own again
Will wait
For you
Till the end of time!
Will come
For me
To give me piece of mind;
Will save
My soul
When you will be mine!

The Atomic Cure
We all Gods people are ill,
We all Gods people are sick.
We need a cure to be free,
To let us normally think!
The illness money it is.
The never ending nightmare!
Try something else to be pleased,
Just use atomic warfare!

The chain reaction will clean
Your filthy blood for all time!
Since then youll never be mean,
Atomic cures any crime
And now your souls filled with fear,
To ask forgiveness youve tried.
You hear your deaths drawing near
Atomic cures your last cry.

The tear
The shadow of ending day is going unleashed.
The night now is fully coming in its rights.
What will I see when I open up my eyes?
A single tear will fall there used to be a feast.

Sam was ending his poems with philosophical sentence:
My creations will rise like a giant piece of shit in the worlds ice-hole!!

To rest at Sams place in the village without any problems they needed to find out where is Sam-one now and isnt he having a rest with the real Brownstones parents at the same village. Having put the helmet on, Sam sent his clone a telepathic message of the following content (during the operation The Bather the telepathic means of communication werent used because the amount of the gas with which the Rock is working was limited, nevertheless the fact that Sam with company made sure just before the operation that such communication is possible): Hallo, the First! How are you? How are our parents? Where are you now situated territorially? Form the mental answer and the Rock will sound it to us. After some time Sams helmet made a sound which signalized that the Rock got an answer from the clone. Sam ordered to pronounce the answer for all present. The Rock with the voice of Sam-one (identical to the voice of Brownstone) pronounced the following through the amplifiers of all the communicators which were situated in the Rocks territory in Rub Al Hali:
Hallo, Sam! I am in London now with our, I mean, with your parents. Everything here is OK. Recently, although, I became a victim of a strange assault on the street I tried to resist the criminals, but during the fight I lost consciousness because of the hit from the behind. I awakened with terrible pain in the breast and head, but it was a huge surprise for me that they didnt steal too much. Besides this case, nothing special goes on. How are all of you doing? Hows the Renewal going on?
Sam answered the First the following: Renewal is going on OK. The Bather is taken from Los Angeles and, as it seems, is successively remoralized. We are planning to rest in my village while the gas we would launch will be spread through the whole Earth.
The Rock transmitted Sams message, received the telepathic answer from Sam the First once again and pronounced it for everyone:
Congratulations! If you talk about the village, you should know that there will be no problems connected with it: Ill check that mother or father wouldnt go there till your next instructions. Also, if something surprising happens, Ill let you know by usual means of communication. Hallo to Anna and all her clones, and hallo to everybody else, of course, also!
Thanks, the First, Sam concluded, until next communicating.
While Sam was talking to his first clone, Dima performed the necessarily preparing of the generators of the gas of the Rock in order to let the gas begin spreading through the Earth. When Dmitry was finishing his job and was ready to push the button of activation of the process of the total spreading of the supercomputers gas, Anna the Second came to him unheard:
Hows that, Dim? Is the process going?
Dima pushed the button, then looked back on the beauty that entered.
Yes, I have launched the gas just now Dmitry said and became silent, because he saw Anya-two bowing to watch the data of indicators, and her great breast became very clearly seen in the opening of the costume Dima was standing the absence of his young wife Varya with difficulty, and what he saw became the final drop.
Sorry, Ive got to tell Sam something Dima mumbled and left Anna the Second alone.
Meanwhile Sam, having taken off the helmet for controlling the Rock and corrected his hair, was thinking about what will they do next. So, at last everythings becoming clear. We have to spread the gas, make the Remoralization and begin settling the Rock-2 in the Antarctic Continent If someone from aside knew my thoughts, he could, probably, have refused to my words with the following: When we affect the mind, the essence of the person is being changed, and it cant be good anyway. And what would I tell in the answer to this? Id tell that we leave a choice for the man. When we use the Rock, we show the person all the beauty of the good, take away excessive aggression and let him relax for a while. In quiet surroundings the man will make a choice of his own: does he want to stay the just man fighting forever for all peoples values or does he want to stay the same that he was Unlikely, if even the Bather, when he found out all the beauty of the Good and the Just, chose the way of changing, there will be anybody who would not feel for these ideas with the whole heart and soul.
Dmitry Taranenko came to the thinking scientist and, having bowed to his ear, whispered:
Listen to me, Sam! Can I use the Rock one time for my own needs?..
And what are you going to do? intrigued Sam wondered.
Can I transfer to Rub Al Hali the clone of my sweet Varya? You see, Sam, I cant stand the absence of sex anymore! Ill start doing it to Anya clones soon, if not to my own ones! And in Ukraine, at home, Varya with my clone, I guess, do not waste their time and in what way am I worse than them?!
Sam raised his brows for several times showing his surprise by this and answered Dmitry in such a way:
Oh, thats the matter Poor you! Well, OK, stop suffering this way we are able to help your pity. Well send your wifes clone, though you, in principle, could have stood this a bit longer. Take the helmet, Sam put the means of controlling the Rock on Taranenkos head, transmit the mental order to send Varya to sleep, teleportate her here, make a copy of she and return the original, anticipatory having erased the memory of what will happened Sam the Third! Please add the gas to the Hall! Sam asked clone. Then he told Dmitry:
When your cloned wife will become boring for you, well dematerialize her in order to make her dont get in the way
The operation was done just as Sam planned, and very soon Dmitrys wifes clone with the number one tattooed on her forehead was peacefully sleeping on the Dmitrys bed. In the process of cloning, Dima couldnt stop himself from asking Sam to research his wifes memory to find out if sleeping with someone else took place while he was absent (besides the officially permitted Lzhedmitry the First), and stayed satisfied with Varyas loyalty. Taranenko asked his clones to move to another room at once, fortunately they didnt lack free rooms... When Varya-one woke up, Taranenko explained to her everything and introduced to her all the members of the group including the Bather (naturally, nobody told her about his past bloody deeds but introduced him as a young but talented scientist who had got the nickname the Bather for his extreme love to cleanness), who she found to be very sympathetic and well raised young man.
Varya the First wasnt shy, and so she began to use the Rock at the maximum. That evening she came to the supper in the dining-room in a great dress which was very fitting to her
Husbands mouth opened wide, and he was hardly able to mumble to her:
Well, you look, err enticing! Perfect!! How did you get that dress?!
Thanks to the Rock! And what will YOU say, Mister Prator?
Well, what can I say? I see the woman of the first, i.e., the highest class! Isnt it in vain that you have a one up your forehead?..
Varya-one didnt find what to answer to such a strange compliment, and everyone began to eat the food which was cooked by the Rock following the good old traditions.

Anna and Sam were talking over the preparations to the journey of all of the scientists with Varya and Matt to the Sams village. They were standing in the Annas room, behind the windows from which the beautiful view on the Rub Al Hali sands was opening
Do you have where to swim there? Anya wondered.
Of course we do! Theres a splendid river there! Brownstone answered with the enthusiasm.
Well, you know, Sammy, Ive got to get my swimming costume from Moscow! How dyou think, can we ask the Rock to teleportate me quickly there and back again just for once?
Hey, why not? But would you let me be with you there? Through all my life I dreamt of being in Moscow! Will you show it to me? We will temporarily teleportate Anya the First to the Rub Al Hali desert and shift her.
Well, weve got a deal. I will be your guide in Moscow. We will spend a day there while all the others will prepare everything here.
Meanwhile John, who have been at Sam's village before, teleportated to London to take some fishing stuff; he took Rocky with him, so he was able to return quickly. When he was coming to his home while he didnt activate the defense from the visual and acoustic observing yet, he was stopped by one man who asked John to give him a cigarette.
I dont smoke, John answered and thought: And you will also give up smoking after the Renewal just as Sam did!
When John came closer to his house, he turned on the shield which hid him from somebody elses eyes and ears. This defense created possibilities for him to take easily all what he needed from the house without showing his presence to anyone.
Sam with Anna put a program to the Rock which would return them to Rub Al Hali after twenty four hours (they took the means which were transmitting to the Rock their coordinates in space) and teleportated to Moscow to the house of Danilova. Anna the First had been temporarily sent to Rub Al Hali, and Brownstone was introduced to Annas mother as a colleague with who they are doing a very important experiment. They ate the meal Annas mother made which Brownstone found to be very good. They walked through the city later, and Sam had got a possibility to see the Kremlin, the Temple of Christ the Savior which was flying over the surface by using of the anti-gravitational powers, the zoo with the species of animals which had been extinct for some time until they were given back life by recreating the remains of their DNA, the Tretyakovskaia gallery, the Gorky park (Anya explained to Sam: It was one Russian writer, he wrote rather good but, unfortunately, not always) with the attractions of the changed levels of the reality perceiving and creating of subjective parallel worlds, etc And in the evening Anya led Sam to the rock-club called Relax to see the overnight show of a heavy metal band. This club was, as some people were telling, several hundreds years old, although no one knew how much in particular.
They spent the most of the show in the bar, though only Anya was drinking, because Sam was remoralized, so his organism was able no more to take alcohol or nicotine in.
Anya woke up from her chair and left for the ladys loo, while Sam stayed alone. Sam was bored for a minute, but very soon two sharply sounded voices from the nearby table attracted his attention.
Shut your shitting mouth, motherfucker! it was said in Russian by one of the two drunken aggressive dudes. After these words he, probably to look more convincing, hit his opponent in the face and deeply knocked him out.
He wont bully anymore! he commented his actions for somebody unknown and unseen. A thought arrived in the Brownstones head caused by the habit he acquired recently to compare all that happens with how it will be after the Renewal: After we had the Renewal done on Earth you also, do not worry, would not bully! And also you will give up forever drinking.
When Anna returned, Sam went to Relaxs w.c. When Brownstone, having everything he had to do done, was leaving the w.c., one man, having pushed him with his shoulder so hard that Sam almost fell, passed by without paying any attention to Brownstone. Sam decided that it was much too much... A thought arrived in Brownstones head to catch the man and use the brutal physical violence. But after that the next thought arrived: Bot why do I think that Im better? Nobody gave me the right to solve problems by violence, what the heck should I pay attention to stupid dudes?.. Theres one solution: we have to remoralize, as we are intending, all the Earths people. Suddenly Sam understood that his thinking is being caused, as it seemed, by the influence of the effective remoralization he passed through.
While Brownstone was thinking, he, having decided to ignore the unpleasant man, came to Anya and sat on a chair which was situated in front of her.
Why are you being sad? Sam wondered when he looked at the mysterious expression on Danilovas face, or havent you just been thinking, as we all got used to recently, about humans destiny in the context of the absolute dominion over the material world?
Neither the first nor the second Ive just imagined how you should feel yourself after the remoralization in full of cigarettes smoke club being surrounded by the drunken and even inadequately reacting people To be brief, I suggest us to leave this place immediately and go for a walk in the streets of Moscows night!
Sam gave support to this Annas idea. They took their things from the dressing room and exchanged stagnant rock-clubs air on the fresh one.
When they were going out of Relax they met some guy of a rather strange appearance. He came close to Danilova and kissed her hand without telling anything, which petrified Brownstone
Hello, Kostya! having said this, Anya turned to Brownstone, this is Kostya, and he is well known here.
Kostya gave Anya a very passionate look and told omitting some sounds and articulating indistinctly:
Youre the photo model!
Sam looked at the man with interest and they went farther. When Kostya was behind and wasnt able to hear what they say, Anna quietly explained Sam that Kostya is not rather smart or intellectually developed, but noone offends him. He comes close to all the girls he sees near Relax and calls them photo models or Queens of the beauty, he also kisses their hands anticipatory. To do or say something else besides this he hasnt got, which is sad, enough fantasy or intellect.
It is very fun with him, and, besides, Anna spoke, after the Renewal hell become the rightful member of the society along with all the other invalids
For some time they just walked without talking through the nightly Moscow watching the full moons shining in the sky which was sometimes enlightened by the sparks of the unbelievably distant spaceships, which were performing giant leaps from one star to another. Sam said while he was hugging the shoulders of frozen Anna (Moscow night wasnt warm):
Ann, take a look at the stars! There was a time when the scientists were convinced that the humanity would never be able to overcome the lights speed barrier and, accordingly, reach even the nearest stars. It was going on till Joseph Siliphant discovered the out-of-space interrelation of transferring the matter in vacuum from one point to the other, doesnt matter how distant it is. And now the interstellar flights, which, may be, werent even seen in the dreams by the sci-fi writers of the past had become not only reality but even the routine, not more dangerous than moving from one city to another. And we with the Rock? Will we be able to achieve our aims to put an end to the ills and boredom in all lifes spheres? Sometimes I feel that all the scientists generations which were trying to improve peoples lives watch us and our activity from the other world and feel for us! For sake of all the humans past and, which is also meaning, humans future we must fight for our deed till the very end, at all costs!
Sam stopped talking wondering at his own strangely acquired good speaking ability. Anya attentively and a bit amazed looked at him with surprise and felt that she has to tell something in the answer.
Listen to me, Sam, Ive never asked you if you have a girlfriend Im sorry if you consider this question a bit immodest.
Brownstone was intending to answer Anna and already opened his mouth for this purpose, when it turned that, while they were talking, they forgot about the program they put in the Rock which had to get them to Rub Al Hali at a certain hour. So, they were amazed a little when they felt themselves the same way as usually during the teleportation. Sam was satisfied with the fact that the Rock, owing to a special program Dmitry Sergeyevich Taranenko created, automatically turned away the attention of everybody who could have seen their disappearance.

When Sam and Anna teleportated to the Hall of the Rock in Rub Al Hali, the first they saw was the scientists and their clones group with the Bather and Varya the First, and everyone was ready to go to Sams village. Dmitry Taranenko had already made the program which was letting all the clones to be unable for being observed by somebody else except the group of scientists with the Bather, in order to avoid the neighbours in Sams village improper questions. Although, if the group of scientists decided to leave the village before the total Renewal, the memory of their visit would have been erased from Sams neighbours heads.
Howdy! Anna the First said, weve got a little bit tired of waiting for you! Now I can return to Moscow while mother hasnt noticed my absence yet.
Thanks for your help, the First! Anna thanked. Anya-one kissed everyone present, and Dima, having put the helmet on, sent her back and addressed Anya and Sam:
Guys, you know, weve already prepared and are ready to go to Sams place at any time!
Thats right! Im ready also! And you, Ann?
What are you talking about?! I havent yet packed a single thing!
So I guess that clones werent brought to life by the Rock in vain! Anya-three stepped forward and said. me and the Second had already packed all of the things you may need, she pointed to the bags which were, evidently, filled with Anyas things The copies of the things were also made for us.
Well, if it is so, Im ready to go even right now!
Dmitry! Please, add us some gas! Sam asked, having found out anticipatory from his clone at London, just in case, that his parents are OK and arent going to their village.
While Dmitry Taranenko was regulating the amount of the gas, he took a quick glance at data on the apparatuses which showed the amount of the gas that had already been spread through the Earth. Everything was going just as it had been planned.
Take the helmet, Sam I wasn't in your village before, so Im not able to explain to the Rock where it is situated! Dmitry said and gave Brownstone the helmet.
Sam asked the present company to take all the things they are going to have with them and gave a mental order to the Rock to teleportate the whole group to the point he chose before. The scientists, besides some other things, decided to take Rocky with them with help of which they were able to communicate with the Rock and, if it would be necessarily, to teleportate to any place on the planet, and which also was showing the amount of the gas that had already been spread on Earth of course, for many other things also to be done; and also the apparatus for communicating with Sam the First.
After the momentarily teleportating to another place which was rather far from there theyd been before, our friends found out that they are in some kind of wasteland Lzhedmitry the First asked Sam why did they materialize in that place instead of the village itself, and Sam explained that it would have been suspicious to arrive from nowhere just in front of all of his neighbours eyes.
And how long will it take us to foot there? Anna the Second asked Sam modestly.
To foot it would have been really long, but the way we are getting to get there would take us just about only five minutes!
Well, Sammy, do you want us to do some jogging? Anna wondered, smiling.
No, I dont! Sam answered and pointed with his hand at something to the right from them: Look!
Nothing worth attention was seen at the place where Brownstone asked his colleagues to look, and Lzhedmitry the Third wanted to ask Sam on behalf of all present what did he want from them, but suddenly the Sams flyer materialized near them. Sam explained answering the question of surprised a bit Varya the First:
Just before the teleportation I ordered the Rock to launch here my flyer also a couple of minutes after we arrived So, we will get to my place without causing someones suspicions. The room in the flyer is not enough for everyone, so we will fly in two groups. The first group will be consisting of Anya with her clones, the Bather and my clone, who would show to this group, while Ill fly to get Dmitry and John with their clones and also Varya the First, where everything is being situated at my place. Does anyone have any questions?
No questions, everythings absolutely clear! Anna the Second said while she was entering the Sams flyer. Let the great fun begin!
The first group successfully entered the flyer which at once rose to the air under Sams ruling. The flight, as Anna noticed, really took about five minutes not more. The flyer was flying quite high, and Danilova, while the other passengers were talking, had a possibility to enjoy the beautiful view which opened behind the glass of the illuminator. Before her eyes were passing, one after one, the river Sam was talking about; sowed fields, reminding of a wonderful carpet; cows and horses figures were seen; the houses which seemed to be playthings from this height were situated in accurate rows. After the boring and rather dull desert landscape all of this couldnt have been not pleasant for sight.
That houses mine! Sam said when he turned away for a second from the apparatus controlling the flyer and pointing at one of the houses. They landed near it.
The friends began to get out one by one from the automatically opened door. Soon everyone was staying before the flyer and looking at the Brownstones place. They saw a rather big building with two floors, in which, as it seemed, the room would be enough for all the people and clones.
Sam addressed to the people present as an owner of the house:
You can begin to choose the rooms you like on the first floor without me. I, personally, and Sam the Third will live on the ground floor. But, please, bear in mind one thing: talk to clones outside the house as little as it would be possible, because the beholders of such conversations would have perceived them as conversations with oneselves, which may cause the excessive suspicions, ye know. Ill leave you Rocky to let you, using it, do the clones luggage and the things they interrelate with also unseen for the others.
Having said all of this, Sam apologized and left the company to fly for the rest members of the group. Those who had already flown, having all the extra masking done, began to unpack their bags and put its contents in the apartments they chose.
Sam the Third explained to Sams guests all the nuances of the villages planning in details showing where the toilet, the shower, the kitchen and so on were situated.
Soon the quickly growing in sight flyer arrived on the horizon with the second part of the group on the board. They were glad to find that there is enough room for everybody on the first floor. One room was occupied by Dmitrys clones; another one was chosen by Dmitry himself with his wifes clone; the Bather took the further room with the balcony; and John and Anna (both with their clones) occupied two more rooms.
When everybody put their things in their rooms, Sam materialized on two big tables the food for dinner using Rocky. While all the Sams guests had been eating, they were discussing how to spend the first night in the Sams village.
I suggest, of course, if the water allows, to go to swim, Anna the Second said.
The water now must be warm. I guess that going to swim is a very good idea! I, personally, agree! Sam supported the clone.
Nobody was against the suggestion to swim. The members of the group which werent remoralized wondered if some drinks were able to be bought nearby to take it with them tonight (because the Rock, as they found out, wouldnt synthesize any kind of alcohol). Sam pacified all the interested persons by explaining that theres a good shop in a distance of three minutes of flying. And he offered to lay a fire and fry shashlik. Naturally, everyone agreed with this.
Sam and Anna flied for all that was needed to the shop and, just as soon as they returned, the whole company, having taken with them everything they needed for swimming, headed for the river. They crossed a farm on their way, and the Bather, deprived of the possibility of drinking alcohol, bought himself some milk, having filled his bottle with it, to drink during the way.
So, the company of scientists with all the others, having passed through a little forest, soon got to the river they were eager to see.
While they were swimming, the group of clones consisting of Anna the Second with John-two on the one side and Varya the First with Sam the Third on the other did the following competition: womens clones got up the mens shoulders while the men were in the water to their throats, and began to put down the construction of the enemies to the water from the height of maneuvring men grabbing one another to the different parts of the body. Anna the Seconds team reached the most success, which, actually, wasnt very surprising, because her prototype, Danilova, was evidently stronger than Mrs. Taranenko.
Dmitry Taranenko surprised everyone: at first he didnt want to go swimming motivating it by an absence of an ability to swim But then, when he seemed to become bored of pretending, he ran and jumped into the river having sprinkled everybody, and showed himself again only in the middle of the river... He confessed later that he went in for swimming for quite a long time.
When it became darker, the friends decided to lay a fire and fry some meat. For these purposes they had to cut some firewood. The scientists went for searching of it. The Bather brought a giant piece of wood and asked Lzhedmitry the Second who was holding an axe to let him cut a little. Taranenko took a look on the ex-sadist and violator with a little suspicion, but gave him the axe although
The Bather, having put his legs wide, began to cut his piece of wood with all the possible grace of a talented maniac.
Be careful, or youll cut your own ear! John the Second said.
Dont you wanna teach a maniac how to vivisect? the Bather joked in the answer. Varya-one laughed at the joke of the young scientist.
Soon Prator cut enough firewood and the process of cooking of the shashlik began headed by John-two.
While all the others were watching John the Seconds activity drinking and talking to each other, Sam and Danilova went for a little walk near the shoreline continuing the conversation interrupted not in time last time when they had it.
After finding out that Sam hasnt got a girlfriend as well as Anna a boyfriend, they were keeping silent for some time. It was pleasant for ears to perceive the sounds made by grasshoppers, singing of some birds and so on. The full moon was shining bright in the sky. It was feeling good to breathe finally some fresh air. The breaking branches were crisping under their feet Everything was wonderful and magical in the world this evening, which was existing now only the for two of them, and Sam thought that he could have kept on going with Anna through this forest from now right until the global remoralization of the Earths inhabitants and Renewal with the same pleasure.
They had already gone a long way from the others and decided to sit on the first fallen wood they find appropriate for these (?) purposes. Sam was keeping on giving some bullshit about their great destinations, and masked by this his next maneuvre: hugging Anyas shoulders... Anna, with an opened mouth, probably, was TOO ATTENTIVELY listening to the Sams speech who was captured by the awakened just in time inspiration, and she DIDNT NOTICE his pretensions.
Sam, although, soon became tired of painting bright verbal images of the just and perfect Rocks world and made a move towards Anna in his hands who was ready for something. His lips came close to Annas and Danilova didnt argue, so, it was possible to make a conclusion by elementary thinking that now he can kiss her without pondering over longer.
But suddenly at this time the far loud cries sounded along with the other suspicious sounds, and Sam and Anna got up at once. Soon several people in the uniform arrived before them out of nowhere, and one of them grabbed Anna from behind and pacified her rather crudely when she began to scream.
Remoralized Brownstone couldnt actively resist the offenders, so he just avoided the hit by the blasters bottom of one of the soldiers, but the professionally made by the second opponent kick in the jaw knocked him out, and Brownstone couldnt see as near the fire the other members of the squad of the Special Forces UPS-SAS with the participation of AS-22 (the automatic spy performed as a battle robot spying means which was following the group of scientists since the moment of their arriving in the village) took his friends the same cruelly.
Everyone (except the clones who were protected by the program of being observed) was captured. Clones tried to save their friends, but UPS-SAS were capitulating in a hurry in front of the unseen enemys face, because their primary mission catching Brownstone with everyone who is nearby was completed successfully.
All the scientists with the Bather were put in the military teleportating flyer and with its help teleportated to the Washington jail at once

Part three
The Big Bang

Sergey Vasilyevich Podranin, a nice tall thirty-year-old blond-hair man, was sitting in his cabinet in the jail of Washington and smoking a cigarette. Soon Brownstone had to be brought here.
The operation performed with participation of the best scientists of the party of the Old Order and the smartest representatives of Podranins surrounding was closing to its conclusion. And only Podranin knew the true aim of this operation. So, what he had now to do was to persuade Brownstone not to be stupid and to support him.
It all began when they finally got that Brownstones clone and made his mentography. It allowed the chemistries who were helping Sergey to create on the basis of remains of the gas from the Los Angeles jail the so called antigas which could annul the action of the gas. Now Podranin had the weapon with help of which he could affect Brownstone. The next their step was sending the robot AS-22 in order to watch the Brownstones village where, as they find out by using the hearing apparatus put in the clones brain during the mentography, Sam with his friends soon had to come for some rest. And the UPS-Surface Actions Squad Special Forces acted, as they always do, very best. There was only one thing left to do persuade Brownstone by taking away from him any possibility of choice to take the Podranins side. After all, he is just a man, and that means that there must exist ways to affect him.
At the same time Sam returned consciousness in his ward and found out that he has a cruel headache. The events that happened recently began to rise from the deep of his consciousness.
Just as soon as he remembered all the sequence of yesterdays events and appreciated all his unjust fate, which was hindering them with Danilova to quietly enjoy each others presence for the second time, Brownstone got up on his feet with the rage of Just.
At this moment two crude warders entered and led Brownstone somewhere. They were passing through the similar looking corridors dimly enlightened by the white electric light. Somewhere, behind the wards doors which they were passing by, Anna and all the others were kept. I wonder how these sons of bitches found us?.. a thought arrived in Brownstones head. He tried to talk to his warders in order to find out at least in which jail they were, but they were keeping silence and even crudely commanded Brownstone to shut his mouth when he was keeping on trying.
Soon the wards ended and they were going, as Sam guessed, through the administrative jail cabinets. The great difference was felt comparing to the mere jails wards. In front of one of the doors behind which, if to decide by its appearance, the apartments of some big boss were, Sam was ordered to stop and, having turned his face to the wall, stand widely and put his hands behind his head. After he had done all of that, his clothes was searched (as if something else could have left after the professional searching made in the forest right when they were catching him, when he only managed to make sure that the UPS-SA Special Forces squad didnt notice where Rocky rolled when it fell out of his belt) and they let him enter the door opened by the second warder.
When Sam entered the room and saw Sergey Podranin, his fists clutched and he felt sorry for a second that he followed the Prators provocation and let the remoralization been done with him. He felt the rage that he had never new before in his life. Sam understood that, if not the remoralization, Sergey would have his face smashed up to the bone in two seconds time.
Podranin guessed by the expression on Sams face about his wishes and hurried to tell:
Ive been waiting for a meeting with you for a long time, my dear mister Brownstone! Please, take a sit! All the others leave us with mister Brownstone by ourselves!
Sergey waited until the warders went out the door and closed it and Sam managed with his rage and accepted the invitation to sit. Then he continued:
Now, nobody will mess our conversation, and I hope that well achieve some agreement. I ll tell you right from the beginning in order to make you not to worry about it that your friends, and of course the great miss Anna, are feeling themselves OK and being related to with the respect. Im not going to threaten you with our hospitality disappearing in case if you wont behave yourself well. Anyway, it is the thirty first century now, and it obliges to many things one may consider excessive, ha-ha-ha!
For instance, to using Special Forces in order to catch the group of harmless scientists Sam said with clearly felt anger in his voice.
Excuse me for these measures of obligation, I had no choice: I was really frightened when I found out that in all the meetings of the Planetary Government the Renewal party is being represented by clones instead of the real Brownstone, Danilova, Smith and Taranenko, while the real scientists do still keep on doing some really dangerous activities.
And how did you find it out? Brownstone wondered with the true curiosity.
Your clone, Sam-one, told us about it.
Its a freaking lies! Clone could not become a traitor!
Really, my dear Brownstone, this is the truth, for your remorse and my satisfaction. He did it because of the jealous he felt towards you of Anna.
I wont believe you. I guess youve been torturing him or used some other kinds of cruel police means in order to find out the truth!
How can you speak to me in such a tone, am I not being the leader of the UPS?! Sam, excuse me but your experiments are unacceptable! No man with clear mind would never admit your so called Renewal! Wouldnt ever admit it by all means!
Every single person has a right to choose the rocks in his kidneys or the Rock in Rub Al Hali.
But didnt you think about the possible consequences of your actions for the whole humanity?! What if the positive changes the Rock makes in human lives causes the unpleasant secondary effects later? What if ruling the matter goes out of the consciousness control of the individual which is using the Rock? What if the gas does acts negatively in the ways unknown by science on the organism?
The experiments havent showed any problems up to now, so we dont have reasons to worry.
Well, Sam, as you understand I asked you to come here (Sam grinned unpleasantly on the word asked) not to argue about the possible consequences of the using of the Rock. I want to suggest you cooperation.
Im not interesting in any cooperation with you, Brownstone said confidently.
If I were you Id prefer not to hurry with the conclusions. Your situation is not very well, it doesnt seem that anybody is going to come to save you, while Im just suggesting you mutually profitable cooperation, at this moment Podranin couldnt help moving his face closer to Brownstones and beginning to whisper feelingly and quickly:
Sam, the idea of the Remoralization is great, I really appreciate it, although it is rather old; Ive just read some of the old sci-fi; and you know, Lukianenko and Strugatskie, if these names tell you something, and also Mikheyev, you surely dont know him, wrote about the Remoralization you can do now
Wait a minute, Im a bit tired Sam interrupted Podranin, havent you got the local food synthesizer, because Im hungry a bit?
Oh, thats a piece of cake! Podranin stopped his speech and relaxed. He pushed several buttons and a virtual menu arrived in front of Sam. Brownstone chose some meals and nodded gratefully to his enemy.
Go on, please! Sam said without stopping chewing.
Thanks! Sergey began to talk more pacifically. So, the idea of the Remoralization is, principally, not really new and, even, not actual. I suggest you to use the Rock for creating the total Demoralization of the people to let all the contents of the humans souls, all their hidden fears, all the evil hidden in their subconscious depths find a way out and make them truly free.
Your suggestion is rather interesting. Please, go on Sam added still keeping on chewing.
Two of us will become the kings of that world. Together with Danilova, if youd like, although I dont understand what for do you need that bitch
If you call her this way again, this fork will be stuck right in your right eye!
OK, Im sorry! Although I know that youre remoralized and unable of doing any harm to even a child (truth be told, to remoralize yourself was at least a stupid idea). So, what I suggest you is the ruling of the world, though it may sound rather exalted. Youll help me to get to the Hall of the Rock. We will do the global Demoralization there. And we will force everyone on Earth obey us by controlling their mental processes in order to make the other people jump in the fire, water or sewer following my or your orders Briefly, I suggest the absolute dominion of two of us, or, err, three So, are you agree?
Sam just ate everything, drank a cup of coffee and spat in Sergeys face. Though it may seem strange, he managed to do it nevertheless remoralization, as it seemed, bearing in mind the Brownstones perfect behavior lately
It is really stupid to act in that way! Do not complicate your already uneasy situation! Podranin cleaned Sams giant spit by his sleeve.
Why should I be afraid of NOW?
I have some good news for you for the beginning: our scientists had created the antigas, and now we are able to undo the effect of the gas of the Rock. And so, if you dont follow my advices, we will just destroy the amount of the gas which would be spread through the Earth up to that moment. But Id really prefer not to do that. Lets better be friends and rule the world together, I forgive your spit. But if you are going to keep on being stubborn, Ill make myself forget which age is now, and will go to fuck your Anka! Isnt it frightening for you?
Sam clutched his fists but didnt tell anything thinking about the sufficient answer in the conditions of the remoralization done with him.

Just at that moment a strange sound occurred, and something fell from the cracked ceiling.
Here we are! the man with a figure on his forehead who had just landed from the hole in the ceiling, seen and heard only by Sam, shouted.
Couldnt you be getting here any longer?.. Sam mumbled just for prophylaxis... He was satisfied with the actions of his own clone. Sergey Vasilyevich Podranin with an opened mouth (having rather stupid but funny appearance) was watching Brownstone getting upstairs by some kind of magic and disappearing in a hole in the ceiling
Just then they got up and moved aside in order to avoid the pacifying shots of tranquilizing guns from the guard below which just came, Sam asked the Third:
Where are all the others?
They are helping the rest who was captured. They have Rocky with them.
Well, then Im not worrying about them.
At the same time Podranin was already standing near Danilovas ward. He was waiting impatiently till the guard would open the door to let him take Anna as his hostage as the ultimate means of persuading the crazy Brownstone. God knows, Sam, I didnt want it, but youre just making me doing it Sergey thought. The guard, although, was manipulating his keys for too long, as Podranin decided, so Sergey rudely pushed him and opened the door rather quickly himself.
But that bitch Anna Danilova, holding the door, kicked him with both legs in breast, and, when he bowed, kicked the guards balls and freely ran through the corridor. I have not to forget to fire himor put in a jail the man leading the UPS Government Sergey Podranin ; promised himself about the guard feeling some terrifying pain.
The others with the rescued scientists and the Bather (they were saved in a same way as Sam) met Danilova on a halfway. Just when they stood close to each other, it allowed them to get back to the Hall of the Rock in Rub Al Hali with the help of Rocky.

When they got to Rub Al Hali, the scientists asked their clones for the beginning to tell about the operation of getting them out of the Washington jail. Lzhedmitry-two was telling on behalf of the others:
When all of you had been captured, we searched the roundabouts hoping that Sam managed to put Rocky away before he was knocked out, which, as you understand, turned out to be true. With the Rockys help we went to Rub Al Hali at once, where I, using the newest hackers technics which we got recently from Lzhedmitry the First, got to the secret UPS-SAS site and watched all the movements of teleportating Special Forces flyers in Londons suburbs during the last twenty four hours. So we found out to which jail they had put you. The next thing to do was to hack the electric guard of the Washington jails site for purposes of finding out the data on the jails inner structure and the people who had been kept there. All of this allowed us to do the operation of letting you out rather easily. That is all.
Thats right. Dmitry, take a look, please, how much is left till the gas covers the whole planet?
Dmitry came to the apparatuses and looked at the data with great surprise.
What the hell is going on?! Dmitry screamed. In according to the data of the apparatuses, the amount of the gas on Earth isnt increasing, its decreasing, and its already less than it was before going to rest at Sams place!
Thats the thing I was afraid of ; Sam said. ; Podranin had launched the antigas!
Sams friends who hadnt heard what Podranin had told Sam in Washington jail looked at each other with the surprise, and Anna-two finally asked:
Sam, what are you talking about?
Oh yeah, you still dont know,   Sam briefly explained the situation. John-two managed to calculate the speed of spreading of the antigas during the time of Brownstones explanations and told to everybody who was present in the Hall of the Rock that the antigas may get to their base in two weeks time if it wont be stopped.
Sam put the helmet on and shouted with feeling:
The Rock, create the shield from the antigas above the base as soon as possible!
The unseen power shield arrived above the base which wouldnt allow the antigas get inside. It was possible to be achieved because the Rock understood what Sam was intending to say by the word the antigas by reading the information right from his mind. The Rock just took some antigas by teleportating it from the point where the zones covered with the gas and the antigas were close, momentarily created the defense and build a shield.
This pacified a bit the scientists who became a little nervous for a moment. Taranenko was the next to speak:
I suppose that all the nearest future our attention will be focused only on creating the means against antigas.
Yes, but thats not all. I guess that we should start with the remoralization of Podranin with the people supporting him, after having which done we would be able to try to destroy the antigas quietly.
But how can we do such an operation without the support from the Rock, that is not working without the gas?.. Smith exclaimed.
Sam, let me make a suggestion! Sam-three asked. We could have created some kind of bombs carrying the load of remoralization (it is possible with the help of the Rock) and throw it on Podranin!
Man, you are absolutely right! It is not in vain that you are being called my clone! For the nearest future we will be fighting the antigas along with creating the remoralizing bombs. The time of settling rocks has gone forever. Its time to throw bombs now! We will hope that load of the positive energy the bombs will be carrying would make Podranin change his valuables orientation.
Oh, that so-and-so Podranin! the Bather entered the conversation, ; If I had met him and wasnt remoralized I would have told him: Bow and turn your ass to me! My second nickname is ; the Blue Bather!
The men stood farther from him with the suspicion.
The jail leaves its mark on everyone, the Bather explained without feeling shy.
All right, guys, enough for talking. Time to do the job! Im going for now to do the initial analysis of the antigas structure, Danilova concluded the conversation and everybody went for their businesses following her smart advice

The creating of the remoralizing bombs and means which would make the amount of the antigas leave the Earths atmosphere took several months during which the antigas managed to destroy the gas of the Rock everywhere on Earth except the base of the Rock in the desert, which could have helped Podranin and his henchmen to find it. The work was finished just a week before the New, 3017th Year.
Throwing bombs on the Podranins base was put off until the end of the celebration. The New Year Days celebration was planned to be done with previously unseen in Rub Al Hali extension. It was easily achieved with the help of the Rock. Having all the antigas in the bases roundabouts put away, John put the helmet on and materialized a two hundred metres-high New Years tree with toys on it right in the desert and created some hills of artificial snow round the base which was shining beautifully in the rays of the sun. The material for creating the tree was teleportated from the places where the garbage was kept on some Moon bases. By teleportating the materials from the untouched by the Podranins antigas Moon bases, by synthesizing the materials they still lacked, every one of the inhabitants of the base in the desert was able to produce such gifts for friends of his or hers as he or she onlyd like to.
Following Taranenkos suggestion, they decided to make a four-dimensional New Years comedy by themselves like many movies of the same kind which were produced to be shown in the New Years night in the U.S.S.R. Sam and Dmitry wrote the script and became directors, and after a couple of days the amateur 4D-movie with the potential function of the limited viewers participation was shot in the Hall of the Rock, which was redesigned for such purposes to the home studio by the name Rub Al Hali Pictures. They sent the movie to Podranin in Washington along with the New Years congratulations. Almost all of the bases inhabitants took part in the movie, including the Bather ; Santa Clause, Anna-three ; Snow White and John-three as the main evildoer Podranin. As a result, they celebrated the New Years Day rather funny freeing at the same time some more air from the antigas. In the New Years night Sam Brownstone went to sleep hugging Danilova, feeling very good and hoping for the very best for the future to happen.

Sam woke up and opened his eyes without being hurrying. Everything around was covered with some red smoke and Sam felt a pain in his head. The strange smoke was everywhere and terrible thought arrived in the Brownstones brain that this was the antigas that somehow managed to get to the base in Rub Al Hali. Sam woke up from his bed and somehow put clothes on.
Whats wrong? Why are you running? Danilova mumbled waking up.
Ann, just take a look at this somehow the antigas managed to get here! ; Brownstone explained to Danilova with true anxiety sounding in his voice.
Anna looked around without understanding, smelled the air and addressed to Sam:
Why do you think that thats the antigas? Do you smell something in the air, or what?
What the smell do you mean?! Look at the red smoke! Why dont you just wake up?
What smoke are you talking about? Everything looks alright! Stop the stupid panic now!!
Sam, overwhelmed with the new wave of headache, made several steps holding his head. The objects were differing worse and worse with every step he made and unpleasant thought arrived in the Brownstones sick head: This isnt the antigas if Anna doesnt see it! These are just some problems with my poor head, oh, I dont really know, whats this
Ann, isnt it a stupid joke, dont you really see something abnormal? ; Sam asked standing in the middle of the room and holding his head.
Anna negatively moved her head. Sam already hardly distinguished her features through the red smoke.
Then get to the helmet and tell the Rock to analyze my organisms condition, ; Sam managed to mumble before he began to fall losing consciousness. Anna ran to him at once, caught him and called for help by the intercom.
Lzhedmitry the Second was the first who came for help, and together they put Brownstone under the helmet of the Rock giving it at first the task to do the diagnosis of Sams organism.

Sam woke up and saw the smoke covering the surrounding objects again, but this time he wasnt worryied too much. He was lying in his bed again and was hardly able to recognize his friends figures standing near him.
What happened with me? Sam asked the natural question.
The Rock didnt find any of the illnesses known by science, Lzhedmitry the Second answered.
So, what the heck do I see everything around in some freaking pink colour? Isnt it because of my endless optimism?!
The reasons which caused the untypical illness for you, which cant be classified or cured by the Rock, must also be untypical. I, personally, consider the main version the suggestion that such changes of your condition are the side effect of the remoralization done with you and the Bloodbather.
Oh, people, listen, and hows the Bather there?.. Danilova asked.
The Rock, show us the picture of the Bathers room! Sam the Third, who stood under the helmet of the Rock, asked. The 3-D Prators image arrived at once in the corner of the room. The Bather was sitting on a chair in the middle of his room holding his head.
How are you, the Bather?.. Anna asked.
Something strange is happening with me: my head is really aching and everything seems to be in a kind of a red smoke.
Oh, such a familiar symptoms! Brownstone shouted, withstand it, my friend; I feel just the same too! This is the side effect of the remoralization. Podranin was right then he told me that our experiments could turn to something bad for us.
Its absolutely OK, Sam! Doesnt matter that we didnt manage to do all that was planned, but even the improvements I passed by your help are your giant success and I dont feel sorry for the past at all. And if you, nevertheless the side effect of the remoralization, decide to do the full Renewal of the Earth, I would be with you!
No, the Bather, if during some time no improvement will be seen in our condition, I will ask all of you to stop the project of the Renewal.
Thats right. Its good that youve understood it yourself. I think that all present will agree with your decision, Smith showed his support to Sam. These words didnt come out easily because it was him and Brownstone who began this all

In connection with the absence of improvement of the Sams condition, the operation Renewal was stopped. Three months later after the celebrations of the New 3017th Year Danilova and Sam got married but they had to part a couple of years later, because, on one hand, Anna found it too hard to look after the helpless Sam, and, on the other hand, Sam realized that his true love was Anna the Third. Later Sam and Anna the Third, who began to be called Anna Brownstone, got a baby, who they gave a name Bill.
When Danilova returned to Moscow, she found out that Anna the First is meeting some man which her parents consider to be her bridegroom. She had to break the Firsts matrimonial plans and show the arrogant clone her place by sending her back to Rub Al Hali.
Sams sight was continuing to get worse until he finally became absolutely blind. Sam Brownstone died in the year 3028 (his last word before the death was tilt) and left Anna Brownstone with his child. Dmitry Taranenko helped her much to raise the boy. Prator went blind only on half and lived a bit longer than Sam. All the clones were left alive, and they worked in Rub Al Hali when all the people left it.
Anna Brownstone before leaving for her motherland remoralized herself explaining this act by wishing for this state to go further to her and Sams children.
After Anna Brownstones death Taranenko described their operation of Renewal in all the details in a book, which caused such a big interest from the society that even a religion arrived which was called the Renewalism.
The Renewalisms conception consisted of the several points, the main of which were: full mental, moral and physical Renewal of the humanity; the world without hatred and the Kingdom of Love. All the mentioned above was positioned as an ideal people should eager to achieve. Along with it they supposed that the more people will be eager to live corresponding to this ideal, the better and the more perfect the humanity would become.

While Bill Brownstone was going out of the teleportating metro, he decided to shorten his way and pass to the exit through the stile on control point right where everyone is getting inside. Usually such act didnt cause any problems and allowed to shorten the way rather good.
This time, actually, Bill was touched by the closing mechanism that worked to some reason.
It didnt disappoint him much, actually, and he asked again without feeling any discomfort the old woman who was watching the passing people when she asked him something having unsatisfied appearance:
Fuck you! Billy heard as the answer.

The Rock Ages jokes
(Warning! The readers are requested not to read these jokes before reading the novel Renewal, otherwise they may seem to be really sucking).

The First Joke (as old as the world)
Lzhedmitry the Second was sitting in a toilet. Suddenly a click sounded, and clones eyes began to see only the dark arrived just like by magic. Sweat arrived above the clones forehead. He screamed as loud as he could:
Someone, help me! Ive gone blind just like Sam!!
On the other side of the door Anna the Second told him:
Ouch! Im sorry, I touched the lights switch!..

The Second Joke (made of two different)
It was summer, and the heat was really cruel. Billy, Sams son, was sitting, covered with his own sweat, in the rush hour in a filled to the limit car of the teleportating metro reading the book of psychology. An old lady came close to him evidently wishing that he would let her sit on the chair he was sitting on. Billy looked at the old lady and asked:
Lady, would you like to take a sit?
Yes, sonny.
It is hard and inconvenient for you to stand with all these bags of yours?
You bet, my son.
Would you like to discuss this situation?

The Third Joke (not funny)
Anna told Sam during their night from the 31st of December to the 1st of January of the year 3017:
Sam, why did you remoralize yourself?
Sam, manipulating Annas breast, thought for a minute, then smiled to his thoughts and explained:
Ill tell you the truth: I guess my head stopped working in that moment.
Then he kissed Danilova in her neck and added:
Actually, at that moment I was tired of drinking too much! And my will wasnt enough to give it up myself!

The Fourth Joke (not smart)
Once Sergey Podranin, having taken the portable demoralizator with him, on his personal jeep went to hunt in Rub Al Hali. He saw Matt the Bathers figure in the distance and gave him a few shots without hesitations... Although Matt managed to run away from Sergeys jeep and hide behind the Power Shield of the Rock, one shot with the demoralizing load got him and caused the deremoralization
Matt Prator got drunk that evening, kicked Dmitry the Firsts ass and told, hardly moving his tongue, in the answer to his question about such a crude attitude:
Why have you got a tattoo up your forehead meanwhile youve never ever been a freaking jail-bait?!

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