Chapter I. The First One

Well, I am going to start telling the story right from the beginning. It was a nice sunny day, and we had a final game of the School Soccer Championship. At the 10th minute of the match I and a forward of the other team jumped together trying to reach the ball. He hit me with his elbow in my right side just below the ribs. I fell down the grass and thought: ‘Oh, No!’ Maybe I thought something else but I don’t remember. After some minutes of lying I got up and played 50 minutes more till the end of the game. I even scored once, and we won 5:4. We all were satisfied with the result, with the victory, and I came home in a good mood. But there was a little problem with me – I still felt pain in my right side. In the evening it lessened not so strong and I calmed down. Next day – it was Saturday – I almost didn’t pay any attention to this little pain. I was even going to visit the evening training, but I missed it. And then Sunday came. I was going back home and suddenly I felt the strong pain in the right side. Moving up in the lift, I sat on the floor because I couldn’t stand. I had one more thought: ‘What is it?’ But I really thought that it was only a sign that I ate something bad and it was just a digestion poisoning. But I didn’t feel better after visiting a toilet. The assaults were so strong that it seemed like my digestive system tried to jump out of me. I vomited for a long time. It was very painful.

Fifteen minutes later I was lying on the sofa and groaning like hippopotamus giving birth. The pain became stronger. I asked my mum to call guys from the Land Of Oz (in Russian it’s written with the letter which looks like 3 (three) – 03, and the number of ambulance is 03. So it’s just a piece of Russian humor). She did it, and they came as soon as it was possible – in 30 minutes. Cuz the ambulance station is so far from my home – 10 minutes by foot. But I wasn’t confused about it. I was glad that they had come. Even in a half an hour.

The doctor was quite young. She looked at me, inspected me and came to the conclusion: ‘Gastritis, and nothing more’. Then she wrote a couple of words on a piece of paper, and said that this must be bought for me right then. And that their mission was finished and they had to go. My dad ran for the medicine, and I was going on to give birth to a hedgehog. Well, it felt like this. I was almost crying because of pain. 30 minutes later I was given a spoon full of white unpleasant liquid, and it made me feel better for a short time. For two minutes, I think. Again I was rolling on the sofa, and my cat, who was sitting close to me, was really frightened. If you only had seen her face. She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t understand anything, and she also became fussy. If she had been told: ‘Cat, take a borer and drill a wall’, I think, she would have started. She seemed to be ready for anything. But it was nevermind for me then. The second ambulance came faster – in 40 minute. The other doctor said: ‘Appendicitis’, and suggested me to go with them to a hospital. I agreed, of course. My mum put sleepers, a sheet in a packet, gave it to me and I went to recover.

I was taken to the 11th hospital in my neighborhood. It is called there the branch of the morgue. I got upset. I was told to sit at the bench and wait. One woman (there was a kind of reception area) asked my name-surname, then wrote something else and called the doctor from surgery. It was the third doctor for me for that night. He inspected me and said: ‘An ulcer, and nothing more!’ I asked him: ‘Will you cut me?’ And he answered: ‘Pigs are cut’ and disappeared. I stayed alone and only heard somebody snoring in the next room.

Some minutes later I was taken for different preparations for the operation. Then I went to the x-rays room to take a photo for memory. ‘You are young, I think, you don’t need a winder’, - one of the nurse said. I was amazed. So I went to the x-rays room by feet. 20 meters seemed to be 20 kilometers. When I was staying at the x-ray apparatus, I fainted because of pain. But I was raised up, shown my photos and sent back. I passed some analyses, and then I was told to go to the surgery on the second floor. Of course, without a winder. Going up the stairs by myself was like climbing a mountain. But I reached the second floor as quickly as I could. There was a new nurse, she wrote the information about me and suggested me to go to sleep in room number 4. This suggestion looked like ‘You may go and die there in calmness, because I had a very hard day and I want to go to sleep.’ But I was against it. I asked to call the doctor, and said that I was feeling very strong pain in my right side and I wasn’t sure that it was normal. The doctor came and said: ‘We’ll take you for the surgery. Get ready’. Again, I went to the operating room by myself. I climbed up to the high table by myself. And everything that I remember is strong cold and yellow and grey colors. Because of pain I almost didn’t realize where I was and what was happening. My legs and arms were tied to the table and somebody made the first injection. After the second one I fell into the darkness.