Chapter VI. Disgusting Monday

After the whole week at the hospital I was really sick and tired of it. But I didn’t know what was prepared for me for Monday by the aliens in white coats. And I was better of not knowing it.

The doctor came in the morning as usual. During the inspection he told me that the second tube would be pulled out that day. Maybe he needed it in his garden for example, well, I don’t know. ‘That’s nice’, I thought, but my mood changed when I heard that the doctor said to the nurse: ‘Give him twice the usual dose of painkiller before the procedure’. If you have read attentively chapter number 3, you know that the first tube was pulled out without any pain. But now something dangerous and scary was going to happen.

Some minutes later the nurse came again and gave me an injection. She seemed to be disappointed because she wished me to feel all the feelings and emotions without any hindrances. But she must have done the command of the doctor. I was waiting for a long time before I was called to the bandaging room. The effect of the painkiller was almost over. I got used to such humor there.

When I came into the bandaging I felt ghastly. I laid down on a table. The doctor came. One of two nurses took all the bandages off. Let me remind you: in the second scar there was a rest of the tube and under it there was a napkin, and the piece of it was right inside me. The doctor took a strange instrument that looked like long pincers. ‘Put your hands under your head’, he said to me. I thought: ‘Not funny’ and did it. He took one napkin away (there turned to be two of them), then took the scissors and cut the thread near the pipe. He pulled out the pipe itself then (no pain again). Then he told me: ‘And now - endure’ and I got ready for the worst. And I wasn’t mistaken.

The doctor started pulling the second napkin out with his pincers. It was really inside me! It wasn’t an ordinary napkin, it was made of gauze. And later I knew that it was called ‘drainage’. I was shouting and crying. It was the most painful thing I have ever felt in my life. A short time seemed to be an eternity. The drainage was about 20 cm long; it was soaked in septic blood. When he had finally pulled it out, he placed it in a kind of plate. But it was not the only test that day for me. They couldn’t let me go so easily.

The doctor took another clear napkin, but it wasn’t so long. He started to push it right inside my wound. I was lying and feeling how he was moving his instruments inside of me. I’ll never forget how I felt. I found the forth dimension. I have no words to describe it.

When he had finished, he stuck a piece of bandage onto it with adhesive tape. I was thankful to him that he had just stuck the bandage but not, for example, fasted down with nails. I believe they could. But they might have understood that I am not made of steel and had compassioned for me.

They let me go. I returned to my room and everybody who was there opened their mouths. One of guys warned me that my eyes could possible come out of my head because they were swelled very much. ‘Really?’ I thought and laid onto the bed. I was lying and looking at the ceiling, thinking of what I had just gone through.

That day I didn’t want to walk much. Most of Monday I spent in my room lying on my bed. By the evening my temperature rose, but the nurse said that it was normal. Maybe she meant that my organism was about to tear away the alien item (I mean the napkin) and they could have one more possibility to cut me again. But she only made an injection of painkiller and I fell asleep. The most dreadful day in my life had passed. I made it through it.