Chapter VII. San Sanych and Co

Tuesday came, and it was the 9th day at the hospital. On Monday one of the guys finished his recovering. He was my second mum because he took care of me. He helped me in many things and I am very thankful to him. He brought me water, made a bandage when I wanted to walk, brought me a phone, told me funny stories and because of them my seams were about to burst. It would have been more difficult without him. I respect him. Well, the Earth is not a banana but a sphere, so we’ll see each other one time.

My surgeon left to another city for special classes. I didn’t want him to leave me because I was afraid of those inadequate doctors who stayed instead of him. They began to destroy my psyche. They made strong pressure for my brain by their incredible phrases.

Well, on Tuesday morning I was visited by a new doctor. And that day there were many students of the medicine college on practice at the hospital. So, that dream-team came to every patient, the doctor told about a surgery, a disease and they may have asked questions. After some minutes I was the next in a line. They came to my bed. One of the students looked at my big scar and asked: ‘Did he have an ulcer?’. ‘No, - the doc answered. – His diagnosis is a friend’s joke – hit with a foot in stomach’. ‘With an elbow’, - I corrected him.

Then he told that the bandage must have been changed and was going to go away. I stopped him and asked: ‘Would you take something out of me again?’. He thought for a second and answered: ‘Yes, of course, we’ll take your liver and kidneys to reseat them for other patient’.

But there was another doctor. With a white cap – I told about him in the chapter number five. His name was Alexander Alexandrovych. When we pronounce it fast it sounds like ‘San Sanych’. I don’t think he was kidding for special, I suppose he always spoke seriously.

One day my mum went to his room to talk about my health. There’s the exemplary content of the dialogue:
      - Doctor, when will my son recover?
      - We do not give the guarantees! He lived one more day – and it’s good!
      - And when will the wound in the right side heal?
      - Don’t worry - there are no empty spaces in the nature!

He didn’t come to me during the inspecting in mornings. Cuz he saw that I was alive and he didn’t worry anymore.

That day when I had been visited by my classmates, place near my bed became quite beautiful: they stuck balloons, colored tape, put flowers on my little table near the bed. And one evening San Sanych decided to visit me. Also my mum and dad were with me that evening. So he came into my room, asked about my conditions and promised to let me go in 2-3 days. Then he noticed all the items near my bed and said: ‘Like the Mausoleum’ and went away. We were laughing out loud. Because San Sanych pronounced it with such a face like there were not balloons and flowers but a sepulchral monument and something like this.

My diet was still simple: soups, gruels and milk products. I wanted something sweet. San Sanych permitted me to eat a candy, or a roll, or an orange. He became kind I thought. I chose the candy. I ate it and began to listen attentively what was happening inside of me. I expected something bad. I imagined San Sanych, praising his own plan how to get one more reason to cut me again and take a couple of organs to sell them to the Europe.

There were many funny things. But the funniest stories began when I had a new neighbor in my room…