Dancing Ropes

Who could have thought that the powerfulOm
Would live the rest of its days
What a funny, funny scene.
Can you imagine?
The belief that man is only a puppet in the hands of the three gunas,
Is left behind.
The jivas, that used to be down below, are no more -
Gone in multidimensionality.
And those puppeteers from above
Still imagine.
They imagine that they are manipulating.
Yes, their vibration still goes through the ropes.
The ropes that do not bind them to anyone.
Those ropeshave been cut,
And do nothing but dance in the void.

Если я понял правильно, идея,весьма распространенная, что нами манипулируют, в некоторм смысле миф, веревки то быстро обрезаются и нам всю жизнь приходится танцевать и дергаться самомтоятельно

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