How long it takes for souls to heal?

How long it takes for souls to heal?
Mine has forgotten how.
I beg, I cry, to God appeal,
But still it is about...

About to break, about to take
Inside what’s left of me,
About to salvage all that aches -
A new myself to built.

Rise up again from dirt, from dust,
Forget the way to kneel.
Rip off of wings the bloody crust
To let them breathe and feel;

To feel the wind of life again
To learn to fly once more.
It’s time to break the tying chain,
And leave the stifling shore.

There's a real Beauty in it!

Юлия Моисеенко   14.05.2018 21:38     Заявить о нарушении
Thank you so much for your kind comment :)

Александра Сербай   15.05.2018 03:44   Заявить о нарушении
На это произведение написаны 2 рецензии, здесь отображается последняя, остальные - в полном списке.