Marilyn Monroe. My Red, Red Rose

“My love is like a red red rose
That’s newly sprung in June
My love is like a melody
That’s sweetly played in tune…”
(R.Burns, A Red, Red Rose)

Her name sounds mildly... "Marilyn"...
And she's like a red red rose:
So lovely, bright and summerly
As her magnificent clothes.

Our souls are full of tenderness
Like petals... And I suppose
We are so similar, Marilyn:
I'm also a red red rose.

July 18, 2017

About MM poems:

About her magnificent clothes:

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Her amazing dresses by Travilla:

Yes, she was amazing... A real wonder!

Юлия Моисеенко   09.11.2018 00:29     Заявить о нарушении
Yes, she was... Thank you so much!

Миллена Роуз   09.11.2018 00:44   Заявить о нарушении
На это произведение написаны 3 рецензии, здесь отображается последняя, остальные - в полном списке.