Ю. Рюнтю в Австралии 1980-2022 Патрик Уайт Kнига

Рюнтю Юри: литературный дневник

Australian Literature / https://proza.ru/diary/yuri2008/2008-08-07 / 2022

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Юри Рюнтю и ПРОЗА Aвтор & Kнига 2013 - Новая книга Юри Рюнтю ' АВСТРАЛИЯ 1980 : ПАТРИК УАЙТ & УТАЕННЫЕ ПИСЬМА ' - BOOK ' AUSTRALIA 198O : Patrick Victor Martindale White '. Publisher: The World Patrick White Intellectual Heritage: Australia - V0LUME 13 (40 Volumes). ИЗДАТЕЛЬ - BN 22446722 - Фонд Патрика Виктора Мартиндейла Уайта в Австралии http://www.stihi.ru/2010/10/16/1626

© Текст из ' АВСТРАЛИЯ 1980 : ПАТРИК УАЙТ & УТАЕННЫЕ ПИСЬМА ' : Патрик Уайт и Pудольф Нуреев : Chapter ‘ Hidden Letters : The Paddy’s 49 letters ’ : “ I was deeply shaken by this trust from such a great man. In 1984-1989, I met many fascinating people in White’s company on 20 Martin Rd, Margaret Fink, Pat Dixon, Barry Humphries, Sir Sidney Nolan, Lady Maie Casey and many Australian ballet and USA theatre stars... They were affably chattering about Sir Cecil Beaton’s photography and choreography (Patrick known Cecil since 1965 via Viscount Mamblas ‘Pepe’ and Roy de Maistre), about Freddie Mercury’s music and Freddie’s ballet love for Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn as well as the Great Russian writers Boris Pasternak, Leo Tolstoy, Alex Pushkin and as Alex Solzhenitsyn. They also discussed Nureyev’s ballet solo visit from Paris to Ufa in Russia (November, 1987). Mingling with these top intellectuals in Sydney was a fascinating time for me. .. “ http://www.stihi.ru/2010/10/14/1558

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