Aiko. The stories she told




Ive noticed him from the far away corner of this banquet hall where we were all having drinks before tomorrows heavy meeting. I really liked the fabric I picked for my cocktail dress and he noticed that I was staring at him.  Haai he looked so handsome...snifter in his left hand and I smiled .. oh I think were going to have a conversation.



-I saw you staring at me and I

-Yeah coz you look very handsome and I liked looking at you.  Where are you from, stranger?

-Im Australian.

-Oh nice you look very good. I like you.

-Oh you look very nice too and

-No no no no need to say that. We all look like... anime robots haha

-Oh not at all.  So why else you were looking at me? What else ?... besides that you like me.

-Oh nothing... I see that you married!

-Ah yeah

And he made a movement to hide his hand

-Oh no no its ok. I was just thinking to ask you if you can be my sperm donor.


-Yes I was just thinking that nothing else really

And his eyes were like this wide open I could see in them he got confused and that he was getting mad. He froze up stood still and just kept staring at me with his big eyes.

-What kind of thing is that to say?

-Oh no no dont get mad. No not now of course. I know youre married but I just need a little bit.  May be later? Some time later.  I just need a little bit ..

And I showed him how much I need.  It looked really  a little bit.  I have small arms...

... ... .... ... .....

-Sorry! I asked for a little bit  .. just a little sperm see you later

I smiled again.

Next morning I was conducting that meeting

-Hi. I believe weve met already.

-Ah? You think so? No I dont think so

.and I am looking at him as a true stranger.

-No no remember? Yester

-Mmm no dont think so. Ok next!

Chinese business man.

I was behind the bar watching the world cup and that Chinese guy was really irritating.  He was having a conversation with a beautiful Phillipino girl.  She looked so pretty.  Their conversation was really distracting me from the game. I couldnt help but kept overhearing them.

-I wouldnt give fifty... twenty is what I pay you.

-I cant I really cant low down the price.  I have kids and I have to buy milk and food for them

-No twenty is what I pay.  Fifty is too much.  You charge too much.  Twenty is ok.. 50 no.

I like kids and couldnt stand those two talking next to me anymore.  I looked at them and I opened my purse and took out $50

-Excuse me .. Excuse me ? Give me your $20.  Give me your twenty!  Ok heres your fifty ok?

I smiled and nodded


He walked away with her.  Now I could enjoy the game.

I was having dinner 2 days later with my business friends at a nice Korean family restaurant.

-         Excuse me? I believe I owe you something.

-         No I dont think we ever met. 

-         No no no I met you at the bar and I owe you.

-         You owe ME? No I dont know you.  I dont know who are.  Please leave I'm  having dinner with my friends.  I dont know who are you.

-         We

-         If you dont get the fuck out of here I will call the security because I dont know you. Please go.



My brother and me sat down to have dinner at some nice buffet place with all kinds of good food.  We were with that nice looking Turkish guy -- another stranger we met a night before you know big hazel eyes and curly hair. He looked really handsome We had a nice time yesterday and he already told me that he liked me but you know it wasnt fair for the man.  I travel a lot and wouldve seen him once per 2 weeks. I just told him I would love to have a kid but boyfriend or husband its just not fair for the man.

-Would you like to have some? Its good food mmm good.  Dino you tried that?

-Sister I like everything here

-Why dont you eat? Here have some

-No its alright I dont want. Its ok.

-Have some it tastes really good.

And I pushed the plate full of great and tasty beef towards him.

His hazel eyes opened wide and he pressed back .

-No! What are you doing.  Do you know that I cant eat that.  Am Indian and vegetarian.

-Oh oh sorry I thought you were Turkish.

-I AM.. half . Please take it away from me. I dont eat that.

-Ok ok I just thought you might like it. I wanted you to try it.

-No !

And he kept staring at me eating and looked nervous I thought because I asked him to eat meat so I offered him pork and again he said no.

-And I would not recommend you to eat that either do you know how

And he just went on making comments on everything that I tried to eat.  I realized that everything in that nice place was bad for me. I asked for a check.

-Sister sister I am still hungry

-Its ok. Bill please.

-I was hungry but couldnt stand it. I got the check

-So you dont eat meat ah?

-No I dont and Ive told you that it really

-Are you a virgin too?


-You dont eat meat so you must be a virgin too, right?

-No of course not not anymore

-No you dont eat meat so you must be a virgin too.  OK see you later.

The next day we met him again.  My brother likes to meet strangers when we travelHe asked me if he could take me home.  I told him No. There was no need to.

-You know I like you

-Yeah but you cant be my boyfriend


-Its not fair I travel a lot and wont be able to spend time with you.

You know its just not fair to men with this business I am in

- I still like you

-Oh good. I like your hair



He was studying to be a doctor and looked like Christopher Reeves.  Yeah exactly like him. He was half Japanese half American.  He always visited his family in Chicago.  I was drinking at some college party and saw him and I liked him immediately and kept looking at him.



You know who you look like? You look like Christopher Reeves.  Yeah no kidding. haha. Yeah I like you sit, sit next to me please.

Ok. I'll sit with you. You studying here? What are studying?

No, no no talking kiss please

Ah? Kiss you

Yes here please on a cheek

He kissed me and he was apparently taken aback.

So now I kiss you. 

And i kissed him!

So now you kiss me on the other cheek! And then maybe on the lips?

We started dating and he was  really sweet.  Any time he was going away he brought me presents and whenever I was studying he would drop by and give me chocolate "kisses" I told him I liked those. But then I started travelling and I thought that we couldn't date anymore.  I wouldn't be his real girlfriend. No. It wasn't fair. So we didnt see each other for a long time.  I didnt feel I loved him. he kept trying to see me and calling me and said that he loved me but I knew it wouldn't work out and I was working so much for my father and it was very important for me.

Then I was with my friends back in Japan we were at a house party and I saw him and he was with his girlfriend... a doctor too and she was a Muslim. And I kept looking at him again. And I felt that I really loved him. So he came over


Hello.  No kisses?

Well I...

And he kissed me on a cheek. I asked him to kiss me again on the other cheek.

I really loved you and I wanted to be with you and you never really gave me a chance and ...

Do you still love me? I feel like I Love you now. I feel it now. Is it too late?

Well I...

And I then saw his girlfriend near him and he introduced us. And i felt like crying coz I loved him so much now. But tears werent coming out... and my friends asked me how I felt and I answered that I loved him now and they asked if I felt like crying and I said yes and they told me go to the bathroom then and cry.  And there I went but tears werent coming out and I tried and tried and spent like half hour there but there were no tears. When I come out my friends asked me if I cried and I said sorry no tears. And they send me back again

Go! You need to cry.

But nothing. No luck. And then  I saw him by himself and he came over and we went to talk we ended up in the bathroom and we talked and he asked me why I was so cruel to him before and I couldn't explain the only thing I felt was that I loved him so much

Oh so you feel that you love me now?

Yes I do. Please let's kiss

And he looked away and then locked the door and we kissed ... lips on lips. And then we heard his girlfriend knocking on the door and calling his name and he opened the door

What happened? What are you doing there?

Nothing we talked. We had to talk.

You talked? And why her hair is all messed up?

Oh, my hair? Is it? 

And I looked in the mirror:

Because we kissed.

And I saw her eyes widened and she was looking at him and at me and asked for explanation. But he didnt answer

Did you really kiss?

Sorry just once we kissed only once and we talking all this time nothing happened really we only kissed that's it. And I left...

And I left...I left them standing there looking at each other. He was still speechless.

And I told my friends that I was going home and when I was walking to my car she came out after me.

So you think that you can do whatever you want ah? You know it is hard to be a rebuttal.

Ah? What do you mean.

It is hard to be his girlfriend after he was with you and now you come back and acting like you are his girlfriend.

Sorry it will never happen again sorry  sorry again Im leaving you see?

And he still came up to me while I was in the car I rolled down the window and I saw her standing a little away from us and
I told him that it was good that she was with him because I could never do as she did.. She cares for him so it was good that he had such a woman with him.

But you told me that you loved me!

Yes but it I can never be like her

You know that I still love you too ?

Yes... but I can never be like her so its good that it happened that way. See you later. It was nice to see you again.

And I drove away still no tears ... and I tried so hard for them...

So... I was back to Japan later like 6 or 7 years later and I was walking in some shopping center and kids park was there too you know in Japan we have those centers where you can get everything you need and something bumped really hard to my leg and it hurt so much and I cried out loud and turned around and saw a little boy rolling a kid's carriage in front of him

Sorry did I hurt you?

Ah.. no I ah.. it doesn't huuuurt.. But I just bought these shoooooes

Daddy daddy he just hit that girl

And looked up and I saw my superman standing...

Oh look .. Its you what a surprise!

Yeah and your kids ah?


And we were looking at each other. Eyes to eyes...

And their mother ? Is she somewhere around?

Oh no we got divorced...

Oh how come?

Oh you know... she is in New York and she is with another doctor

So you are Aiko ah?

Yeah, hahaha how do you know?

My mother told me about you and she said that you are a witch and now I see that its my mom who's the witch.

Ah? You can't say that she your mother!

Daddy daddy can she be our mother now?

I don't now ... would you?

No. May be if you asked me a little earlier not now. No I can't  ... you have this stomach now and you don't look the same as I saw you the last time.  May be if you looked like that time...........

Major hi!

I checked out your story and it seems to me that every part was cool, and everything was interesting. I noticed that the girl that told the stories is a little weird. I mean, she is falling in love and the other day rejects every boy that she loves, and it is repeating on every part. Is she Japanese, Korean, Chinese or what? It occurred to me from that name of her. By the way she travels a lot. And the figures that she meets are from random countries.

First section of story was laughable. She never shies? I think that this is a different type of offering sexual intercourse. If somebody said that to me so frankly I easily thought that person is crazy! Aesthetically unacceptable but really funny.

In the second part at later in restaurant I think that she is jeering with that Chinese guy because of she already gave him the cash. I remarked that she is kind too, in spite of weirdness.

Third was exciting too. She wants to embarrass that half Turkish half Indian man by saying him that he maybe just a virgin because of he is vegetarian. It is strange that the guy didn't eat anything that she offered. There was nothing except meat in the menu? Although spaghetti, salad or that kind of meal, etceteras?

Forth was a beautiful part. I was touched from reading the lines the she cannot cry It appears to be a difficult situation; ad interim (in the meantime) it slightly proves that she doesn't love him. She just loves the kiss, that chocolate smack on the lips. In the end I just didn't understand the last lines. What it means: No I can't ... you have this stomach now and you don't look the same as I saw you the last time.? What is that stomach word, and why she used that?

For conclusion I want to notice, that the story has a little errors, rather some symbols are absent. Some hyphens are missing. If you want you can edit it.

So, I can finally say, that it was fine and enjoyable, thanks a lot. By reading it I remember the short stories that I read in primary and secondary school.

Minor goodbye

  09.03.2012 04:13    
hey thanks for the feedback. glad you liked it.

there are no errors buddy. i wrote it to be read nice and easy. if you check your feedback you' ll find many more errors. no offense.

stomach word... :

well what she meant was that usual belly that most men have after 30.

when she was telling me all that she used the word "stomach" that's why i left it.

you r right 'though the girl is amazingly weird. all her stories are truth. she's probably one of the strongest people i've ever met.

  18.03.2012 18:40  
btw i found it quite ironic that yours: "For conclusion I want to notice, that the story has a little errors, rather some symbols are absent."

full of grammar, style and other errors. u just cant tlk or write like that. no offense 'though.

i just posted new piece "The consequence of setting the birds free from cages in the previous life."

if you have time

  18.03.2012 19:24  
yeah, thanx man for response.

yes, it could be many errors in my review too... :) i dunno!
i just wanted to mean that i like just clean editing,
nothing more. i don't pretend to correct the grammar, coz'
i don't know it well hundred percents .

i will check out ur new publication later.

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