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Рецензия на «The Main Rule» (Питер Оуэн)

Curious! Peter, good luck and inspiration! Sincerely,

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Рецензия на «The Main Rule» (Питер Оуэн)

This reminded me of the time I was a girl of that guy named Peter, before which I was a girlfriend of that other guy named Jason. After which, when Jason found out I was no longer his girl but Peter's girl instead, he came around with his gun in his hands, and it didn't take long before I was lying in my bed and he was sitting next to me with all that anger in his face and the gunpoint rested again my cheek, and he yelled at me for a while and then I said "Jason, why is that gunpoint resting again my cheek, whouldn't it be much better to be put against", to which he said he didn't give a fuck and that he was going to leave me alone and go rest his gunpoint again Peter's cheek.

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